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Would you like your computer to be faster, more immovable, organized and interactive? Your denouement is here! Download RafaWay for Windows !! It takes only five minutes to fit!!! Construction: 1). With additional programs 2). Compatible only on computers with Legacy-BIOS boot. This is a Disk mould .Tib Acronis enter. To fit Windows, you must boot an Acronis Veracious Mould Bootable Twinkling Of An Eye Compel or DVD and mend the disk mould. To download other Windows versions and latest tutorials versions: <a href=«» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow»</a Video Tutorial: Search on YouTube: «»RafaWay RW«» Search on Google: RafaWay or RafaWay00 Made by Rafael Jacob Galapo Rosenthal a Human/Computer Interaction (HCI) developer. RafaWay for Windows® is the name given to the optimized customization of Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8.1 and 10 in all of their different versions. In this optimized customization, innovations have been incorporated relating to the operating system’s depot and use on, as well as the reformatting of, your computer. In extension to including a unalloyed denouement for Cloud Computing, twenty of the best disentangle programs that are primary for ordinary computer use have been added to the exemplar Windows® depot combination. These programs are installed in a way that improves the systematization of your computer without adversely impacting its processing assist, thereby making it expendable to uninstall any of these additional programs that are not used or needed. Beyond RafaWay for Windows®, the enormous seniority of users will only need to fit the Microsoft Office® entourage. For eminence word, RafaWay for Windows® depot tests were carried out on 300 computers with different configurations. Owner reviews from those with the RafaWay customization on their computers recognize that their owner contact is practically improved when compared to the exemplar construction of Windows®; productivity was improved and both beginners and advanced users were better served by the customized arrangement. Substantial advantages are observed in aspects such as: • Appreciable reduction in depot however, which takes 15 minutes with a DVD disk or USB twinkling of an eye compel. However savings also occurred when reformatting a PC with a fess up depot of Microsoft® Windows®, along with the additional programs; requiring less than 2 minutes and 15 clicks to unalloyed the installation; • Substantial escalating in processing speed; • Enhanced security; • Greater determination with fewer crashes and/or arrangement reboots; • Improved portrayal even when installed on older computers; • Owner interface, whose menus, icons, shortcuts, toolbar, taskbar and lapse configuration are reorganized, thus making computers much more interactive and owner friendly; • Simplified, more intuitive operating arrangement resources rub however information for users. Following are the primary and disentangle programs installed in RafaWay versions (only) with additional programs: Java, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Skype, µTorrent, 7-Zip, VLC, Jdownloader, Media Interfere With, Google Spokesperson & Hangouts Plugin. Adobe: PDF Reader, Shockwave, Twinkling Of An Eye, AIR. ThunderbirdPortable & FirefoxPortable (RafaWay customized, on compel C:RafaWay)