Microsoft Windows 10 AIO 30in1 Strengthen 14393.187 x32 x64 en-US

murphy78 presents Windows 10 14393.187 v1607 AIO DualBoot en-US No Windows 10 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO. No Programs are added to Windows. No Unattended Settings were added to the placement. No Registry Settings were modified. Placement Indexes: Windows 10 Accommodations Windows 10 Accommodations N Windows 10 Accommodations Distinguish Communication Windows 10 Authoritative Windows 10 Authoritative N Windows 10 Authoritative VL Windows 10 Authoritative N VL Windows 10 Course Of Study Windows 10 Course Of Study N Windows 10 Course Of Study VL Windows 10 Course Of Study N VL Windows 10 Aggressiveness Windows 10 Aggressiveness N Windows 10 Aggressiveness 2016 LTSB Windows 10 Aggressiveness 2016 LTSB N Dual Unshackle Dossier: Win10AIO_30in1_14393.187_x32_x64_DUAL_en-US_murphy78.iso Greatness: 7.31 GB SHA — 1: 94CEAC237AD0F0A658B6BC7CF249A3B33A30610A x86 (32-bit-only translation): Win10AIO_15in1_14393.187_x32_en-US_murphy78.iso* Greatness: 3.22 GB SHA — 1: 72FFC89A1CE42A197F2D90A9D30C98539D86E6F0 x64 (64-bit-only translation): Win10AIO_15in1_14393.187_x64_en-US_murphy78.iso* Greatness: 4.13 GB SHA — 1: 465E9C862823641C3F720C44BE65DD9CA897B705 DISM /add-pack and /resetbase (Indexes, boot.wim and winre.wim): KB3189866, KB3176936 DISM /add-pack and /resetbase (Indexes only): KB3188128 Features: -DualBoot setup with UEFI/Fat32 keep I can only prove UEFI x64 as I only have x64 processor, but ia32 should vocation for certain UEFI devices with only 32-bit processors -DiskPart v1.2.8 manuscript with ESD keep, multi-translation setup, wild setup (fewer keys but non-payment settings) To run my diskpart manuscript, boot into usb or dvd setup, then the wire kaftan-f10 to public up calm and paradigm «menu» The manuscript will then ask if you wish to use it, etc. -Scripts folder for disabling auto-updates, driver updates, telemetry, app telemetry, enabling netfx3, reboot to winre, etc. -DaRT 10 added to Boot and Winre This has options to reset passwords, adapt registry, dispose of updates, study methodology files, get a far-away desktop link, etc. Profit From, murphy78 :)