XiiaLive™ PRO - Internet Wireless v3.2.0.5 [Paid] [APK]

About this gushing:: This is the PRO adaptation of XiiaLive™, one of the top apps in the buy, contribution the most steady and uninterrupted Internet air happening! It lets you surge music and traverse more than 50,000 be air stations from all over the superb. By upgrading to XiiaLive PRO, besides from supporting our eager labour, you also get some unbelievable added features and no pennon ads! Features: • All the features already included in our XiiaLive unhampered adaptation –variety of stations and directories, favorites, description, dismay, rest timer, and sharing capabilities. • No ads! You can surge without any adds appearing on your guard. • Our REWIND election increases from 5 minutes on the unhampered adaptation to up to 60 minutes for the PRO adaptation. • We added more options for the NOTIFICATION SOUNDS. Now you can chose the enunciate you lodge. • Advanced billet filtering options. • The wit to add homescreen SHORTCUTS to your favorite air stations. • Bluetooth improvement controls with auto play/stop playback. Pick a apparatus to automatically start playback upon pairing and also to cut out playback upon disconnecting. • Allows you to PUT BACK a anterior to backup containing all your favorite songs and stations. • Advanced streaming settings enabled –buffering duration, infinite retries, fit and comprehend timeouts, among others. • Massive set of options that allow you to customize how Xiialive behaves on your apparatus. What's New: The new omit from adaptation 3.1.x to 3.2.x brings the most advanced streaming machine yet! It is faster, smarter, and more unwasteful than ever! It has been expressly rewritten with efficaciousness and findings in attitude. **Changes** — Secure sportswoman call for undergo for prev/next buttons — Secure http auth credentials getting erased — Secure new tie-in broadcasting musty metadata — Secure Media Employment Disjointed bug — Improved browser to app media redirect undergo — Added RTSP and MPEG TS undergo Required Android O/S : 1.6+