SoftwareNetz Calendar3 v3.50

SoftwareNetz Calendar3 v3.50 No longer dismiss from one's mind appointments and birthdays in the ! Chronology 3 for Windows reminds you in however of every assignation and every birthday. The Chronology is carefree to use. You can insert an assignation with just one click. With four different views you keep the overview, whether you want to layout your red-letter day, the next assignation at the hairdresser. Just alteration between the routine-, weekly-, monthly- or assess. New haven wall The haven wall displays all appointments and tasks of the current day and the birthdays in the coming days. You can also pin colored notes onto the haven wall. Several chronology views Swap with just a click of the mouse between several chronology views. Use the routine- or weekly chronology to layout appointments with require times. Use the — or monthly chronology e.g. to layout your red-letter day. The assignation slate shows or prints all appointments within a certain while. Integrated birthday chronology You can produce a birthday chronology with all the birthdays of your kith and kin, alternative other or colleagues. The birthday will be displayed in the chronology automatically and if you like, will jog the memory you to buy a current in however. Tasks and notes Things to be done (tasks) and transient notes can be entered into the chronology. It will help you to keep your desk fully of speech memos. Order access to customers & contacts The new Chronology 3 can take over the friend details (name, approach devote, phone...) and birthdays from Addresses 3 or Invoice 4. Network You can use the calender onto as many workplaces within a network as you like. All workstations have access to the same details. New appointments and changes will be displayed onto all workstations automatically. For every workstation you need one carte blanche. Ritualistic Website: