The Art of Calligraphy By David Harris [PDF]

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The Art of Calligraphy: A Sound Guidebook to the Skills and Techniques

The Art of Calligraphy By David Harris [PDF]

The Art of Calligraphy: A Sound Guidebook to the Skills and Techniques
Architect(s): David Harris
Publisher: DK ADULT
Antiquated: 1995
Pages: 128
Dimensions: PDF
Idiom: English
ISBN — 10: 1564588491
ISBN — 13: 978-1564588494
Magnitude: 24.89 MB

About this inundation::

Here is a encompassing guidebook explaining everything you need to know to skilled the skills and techniques of good-looking editorial. Start with a weigh of Western calligraphy from antiquity to today's electronic age, The Art of Calligraphy helps the reader elect apparatus ---- brushes, pens, pencils, papers, and inks ---- and then shows exactly how to with and try for the pen to mould every line of the alphabet in a figure up of different scripts. Key elements of line anatomy are explained in group specifically ---- reduce intervene--by--reduce intervene constructions each important reduce intervene in creating the distinguishing characteristics of 26 styles. All the dominant Latin--based scripts are included ---- from Roman Queenly and Caroline to Gothic, Rejuvenation, and Copperplate scripts.

The Art of Calligraphy features the very best documented and synchronous examples of each fashion, oblation leadership and impulse in this age of computer--generated keyboard. Soon you will be get ready to use your excellent script to personalize editorial-paper or heighten other rare gifts and objects. Combining instructional diagrams with unforgettable examples from Western masters, The Art of Calligraphy is a consonant introduction to disposal lettering. It is an scholarly respect as well as a documentation of impulse for any artist.


«The skills and techniques of calligraphy are explained in a pretty guidebook which details key elements of line editorial and uses unquestionable examples to guidebook beginners. Lettering examples are done in different hues of color, which can play up textures and stylistic contrasts. One of the best beginner's guides available.»
--Midwest Register Review

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