Go First HTML5 Programming - Erection Web Apps with JavaScript

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Eric T Freeman and Elisabeth Robson, «Head First HTML5 Programming: Edifice Web Apps with JavaScript»
O'Reilly Media | 2011 | ISBN: 1449390544 | 608 pages | PDF

HTML has been on a hysterical in. Sure, HTML started as a bare markup intercourse, but more recently HTMLΓΓé¼Γäós put on some grave muscle. Now weΓΓé¼Γäóve got a intercourse tuned for edifice web applications with Web storage, 2D composition, offline reinforcement, sockets and threads, and more. And to be significant mention this intercourse youΓΓé¼Γäóve got to go beyond HTML5 markup and into the out of sight of the DOM, events, and JavaScript APIs.

Now you probably already know all about HTML markup (otherwise known as structure) and you know all aboutCSS hook (award), but what youΓΓé¼Γäóve been missing is JavaScript (behavior). If all you know about are structure and award, you can fashion some true looking pages, but theyΓΓé¼Γäóre still just pages. When you add behavior with JavaScript, you can fashion an interactive experience; even better, you can fashion perfectly blown web applications.

Manage First HTML5 Programming is your fundamental travel vade-mecum to creating web applications with HTML5 and JavaScript, and we pass out you everything you need to know to increase them, including: how to add interactivity to your pages, how to hook oneself understood with the out of sight of Web services, and how to use the true new APIs being developed for HTML5.

Here are just some of the things youΓΓé¼Γäóll learn in Manage First HTML5 Programing:
Learn how to hook your pages truly interactive by using the power of the DOM.

In The End cultivated how JavaScript works and take yourself from noviciate to well-cultivated in just a few chapters.

Learn how JavaScript APIs fit into the HTML5 ecosystem, and how to use any API in your web pages.

Use the Geolocation API to know where your users are.

Bring About A Display out your inner artist with Canvas, HTML5ΓΓé¼Γäós new 2D composition surface.

Go beyond just plugging a video into your pages, and fashion support video experiences.

Learn the quiet to grabbing five megabytes of storage in every userΓΓé¼Γäós browser.

Remodel your pageΓΓé¼Γäós responsiveness and fulfilment with Web workers.

And much more.

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