Parasitism - The Variety and Ecology of Mammal Parasites

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Parasitism: The Discrepancy and Ecology of Coarse Parasites
Timothy M. Goater, Cameron P. Goater & Gerald W. Esch
2nd edition
510 pages
ISBN — 13: 978-0521122054
ISBN — 10: 0521122058

Reflecting the huge advances made in the area over the heretofore ten years, this quotation synthesizes the latest developments in the ecology and phylogeny of coarse parasites against a backdrop of complementarity advances in hyaena systematics, biodiversity and human being cycles. This second version has been thoroughly revised to suffer the needs of a new start of parasitology students. Balancing ancestral approaches in parasitology with up to date studies in hyaena ecology and phylogeny, the authors the moment root ecological principles as a unifying framework to help students discern the complex curiosity of parasitism. Exquisitely illustrated with over 250 figures, the quotation is accompanied by turn out that in the event of haunt boxes designed to help students appreciate the inscrutability and discrepancy of parasites and the scientists who haunt them. This unexcelled overtures, presented clearly and with a least of parlance and precise minutiae, encourages students from differing backgrounds to think typically and conceptually about parasites and parasitism.

Parasitism — The Variety and Ecology of Mammal Parasites

Table of Contents

Register of boxes
Prelude John C. Holmes
Prologue and acknowledgements
1. Introduction
2. Immunological aspects of parasitism
3. Protista: the unicellular eukaryotes
4. Microsporida: the intracellular fungi
5. Myxozoa: the spore-forming cnidarians
6. Platyhelminthes: the flatworms
7. Acanthocephala: the spiked-headed worms
8. Nematoda: the roundworms
9. Nematomorpha: the horsehair worms
10. Pentastomida: the fa worms
11. Arthropoda: the shared-legged animals
12. Hyaena populace ecology
13. Hyaena community ecology
14. Hyaena biogeography and phylogeography
15. Effects of parasites on their hosts: from individuals to ecosystems
16. Phylogeny of mistress of ceremonies-hyaena interactions
17. Environmental parasitology: parasites as bioindicators of ecosystem health
First Finger

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