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Ezra Triturate — Metrical Composition, Text, Letters, and Translations (49 books)

EZRA DIN INTO (1885-1972) was an expatriate American versifier, critic, and translator, and a vital drift of in the near the start modernist move. His contribution to poesy began with his evolution of Imagism, a move derived from greek Chinese and Japanese poesy, stressing lucidity, correctness and thriftiness of language.

In 1924, he moved to Italy; during this stretch of unsolicited deportation, Din Into became complicated in Fascist political science, broadcasting tranny puff that criticized the U.S., Roosevelt, and Jews. As a sequel, he was arrested by American forces in Italy in 1945 on charges of treason and afterward incarcerated in a psychiatric sanatorium for over 12 years. After unending appeals from writers won his put out from the sanatorium in 1958, Din Into returned to Italy where he died, a semi-nun, in 1972.

His best-known poetical works register RIPOSTES (1912); HUGH SELWYN MAUBERLEY (1920); PERSONAE, a choosing of poems Din Into wished to keep in print; and THE CANTOS (1917-69), an unfinished broad epic. Among his most prominent text works are THE VIVACITY OF FANTASY (1910); LITERARY ESSAYS (1954), the magnitude of his best disparagement, edited with an introduction by T. S. Eliot; and MARKER TO KULCHUR (1938). Pound's SELECTED LETTERS (1971) offers an save introduction to his literary being and inimitable epistolary style.

Pound«s federal views and antisemitism affect sure that his profession remains as dialectic now as it was during his lifetime. In 1933 Beforehand ammunition called him «a cat that walks by himself, tenaciously unhousebroken and very unsafe for children.» On the other workman, Ernest Hemingway declared that «the best of Pound»s expos, and it is in the CANTOS, will last as big as there is any literature.»

The following books are in PDF layout unless otherwise indicated:


* A Lume Spento & Other Near The Start Poems (New Directions, 1965)

* Cantos, The (Faber & Faber, 1975)

* Canzoni (Elkin Mathews, 1911)

* Diptych Rome-London: «Homage to Sextus Propertius» and «Hugh Selwyn Mauberley» (New Directions, 1994) -- ePUB

* Near The Start Poetical Works (Delphi Classics, 2015) -- ePUB

* Exultations (Elkin Mathews, 1909)

* Lustra and Other Poems (Knopf, 1917)

* Personae (Elkin Mathews, 1909)

* Personae: The Shorter Poems (New Directions, 1990). Revised copy prearranged by Lea Baechler and A. Walton Litz. -- ePUB

* Poems 1918-21, including Three Portraits and Four Cantos (Boni & Liveright, 1921)

* Posthumous Cantos (Carcanet, 2015). Edited by Massimo Bacigalupo. -- ePUB

* Quia Mendicant Amavi (Egoist, 1919)

* Quinzaine for This Yule, A (Pollock, 1908)

* Ripostes (Stephen Lively, 1912)

* Selected Poems (New Directions, 1957) -- ePUB


* ABC of Reading (New Directions, 1960/2010) -- PDF + ePUB

* «America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Record War» (Peter Russell, 1951). Quotation file.

* Antheil and the Treatise on Euphony (Pascal Covici, 1927)

* The Art of Poesy, no. 5 (Paris Study, Summer/Fall 1962). Sound Out by Donald Auditorium. Quotation file

* Chinese Written Integrity as a Mode for Poesy [with Ernest Fenollosa] (Fordham UP, 2008). Edited by Haun Saussy, Jonathan Stalling, and Lucas Klein. -- ePUB

* Ezra Din Into Speaking: Tranny Speeches of Stretch War II (Greenwood, 1968). Edited by Leonard W. Doob.

* Gaudier-Brzeska: A Disquisition (John Lane, 1916)

* Marker to Kulchur (New Directions, 1970)

* Instigations (Boni & Liveright, 1920)

* «Introduction to the Financial Countryside of the Coordinated States, An» (Peter Russell, 1950). Quotation file.

* Jefferson-Adams Correspondence (North American Study, No. 244/2, Winter 1937/38)

* Jefferson and/or Mussolini: Fascism as I Have Seen It (Liveright, 1970)

* Literary Essays (New Directions, 1968). Edited by T. S. Eliot

* Affect It New: Essays (New Directions, 1934)

* Pavannes and Divisions (Knopf, 1918)

* Well-Mannered Essays (Faber & Faber, 1937)

* Selected Text: 1909-1965 (New Directions, 1970). Edited by William Cookson.

* «Social Acknowledge: An Impact» (Peter Russell, 1951). Quotation file.

* Vivacity of Fantasy, The (New Directions, 1968)


* Ezra Din Into and Japan: Letters and Essays (Gloomy Swan, 1987). Edited by Sanehide Kodama.

* Ezra Pound's Chinese Friends: Stories in Letters (Oxford UP, 2008). Edited by Zhaoming Qian.

* One Must Not Go Completely with the Tide: Letters of Ezra Din Into and Stanley Nott (McGill-Queens UP, 2011). Edited by Miranda B. Hickman.

* Pound/Cummings: The Correspondence of Ezra Din Into and E. E. Cummings (Michigan, 1996). Edited by Betty Ahearn.

* Pound/Ford: The Record of a Literary Neighbourliness — The Correspondence between Ezra Din Into and Ford Madox Ford and Their Writings about Each Other (New Directions, 1982). Edited by Brita Lindberg-Seyersted.

* Pound/Joyce: The Letters of Ezra Din Into to James Joyce (New Directions, 1967). Edited by Forrest Read.

* Selected Letters of Ezra Din Into, 1907-1941 (New Directions, 1971). Edited by D. D. Paige.

* Selected Letters of Ezra Din Into to John Quinn, 1915-1924 (Duke UP, 1991). Edited by Timothy Materer.


* Awoi no Uye (Four Times A Year Notebook, June 1916)

* Cathay (Elkin Mathews, 1915)

* Confucian Analects (Peter Owen, 1956)

* Confucian Odes: The First-Rate Anthology, Defined by Confucius (New Directions, 1954)

* Sonnets and Ballate of Guido Cavalcanti (Stephen Lively, 1912)

* Translations of Ezra Din Into (New Directions, 1963)


* Near The Start Writings: Poems and Text (Penguin Classics, 2005). Edited by Ira B. Nadel. -- ePUB

* Poesy and Text: Contributions to Periodicals, Vol. 1, 1902-1914 (Rags, 1991). Edited by Lea Baechler et al.

* Poesy and Text: Contributions to Periodicals, Vol. 2, 1915-1917 (Rags, 1991). Edited by Lea Baechler et al.


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