Harry Harrison - On the Planet of Zombie Vampires [Excite azw3]

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Harry Harrison — On the Planet of Zombie Vampires

Harry Harrison — On the Planet of Zombie Vampires [Excite azw3]

Bill, the Galactic Warrior, is a benefactor lay out trooper who has three arms, some tusks, and is regrowing his right foot. His new allotment is as Military Policeman to the starship Gratuity, which is winning a crowd of prisoners to the face racket of the Chinger war. The move is a bit older and doesn«t have a respectable force practice, which means the trigger will take months and months. Luckily, everyone will have served their semester and be put to fighting when the trigger is over. Unluckily, the only other non-prisoners on the move are Captain Pestilence, First Hubby Christianson, and technique g-man (and also android) Caine, so the prisoners discern up the leftovers of the party. More unluckily, Captain Pestilence has an id with okra and has caring most of the ship»s resources to growing it on trustees. So much is grown that it is the personal foodstuffs for the party. If that wasn«t enough to cause a rebel on the Gratuity (and don»t think that farce doesn«t come up again and again), the move crashes on a planet with an wicked communication ladies» room. Well, not quite wicked. The dried-out husks of the former ladies« room stave are there along with a lot of literatim blood-itching aliens who start out as cunning little ducklings. Soon enough they»ll be giantess acid-spewing monsters itching for the Bounty's party.

Publisher: Avon Books; 1st 1991
Jargon: English
ISBN 13: 9780380756650

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