Robert Remodel - Literary Judgement and Bible Translations (17 books)

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Robert Remodel — Literary Judgement and Bible Translations (17 books)

ROBERT ADJUST (b. 1935) is a famed American literary critic and translator. He has written everywhere on the European novel from the eighteenth century to the up to date, on coexistent American fiction, and on latest Hebrew brochures. He has earnest libretto-in the long run b for a long time studies to Fielding, Stendhal, and the self-reflexive practice in the novel.

He has also written extensively on literary aspects of the Bible. THE ART OF BIBLICAL HISTORY (1981) -- and its confrere capacity THE ART OF BIBLICAL VERSIFICATION (1985) -- radically expanded the horizons of biblical erudition by recasting the Hebrew Bible as not only a kind birth but a toil of literary art estimable forced estimation. Adjust presents the Bible as a cohesive literary toil, one whose many authors used innovative devices such as parallelism, contrastive tete-, and history beat to tell one of the most stories of kind report: the information of a fix god.

His critically acclaimed and interminable translations of the Hebrew Bible are the lavish capstone to a lifetime of prominent profound toil and have won the PEN Center Literary Trophy for Transubstantiation. With the liberate of COMPELLING AS END IS HONEY (2015), Adjust has now translated more than 70% of the Hebrew Bible in slight less than 20 years. In these volumes, he attempts to open away the inaccuracies, inelegance and muddiness of over and done with translations and to wire in English the lucidity and literary power of the Hebrew primordial. They should not be missed!

The following books are in PDF and/or ePUB layout as indicated:

Literary Estimation & Biography

* Art of Biblical History, The (Principal Books, 2011). Revised and updated copy. -- ePUB

* Art of Biblical Versification, The (Principal Books, 2011). Revised and updated copy. -- PDF + ePUB

* Defenses of the Creative Powers: Jewish Writers and Latest Recorded Disaster (Jewish Handbill Brotherhood, 1977) -- PDF

* Imagined Cities: Urban Acquaintance and the Novel (Yale UP, 2005) -- PDF

* Lion for Honey, A: A Depreciatory Biography of Stendhal [with Carol Cosman] (Principal Books, 1979). -- PDF

* Literary Exemplar to the Bible (Harvard UP, 1987). Edited by Robert Adjust and Downright Kermode. -- PDF

* Motives for Fiction (Harvard UP, 1984). -- PDF

* Pen of Iron: American Text and the Majesty James Bible (Princeton, 2010). -- PDF

* Pleasures of Reading in an Ideological Age (Norton, 1990). -- PDF

* Creation of Biblical Brochures, The (Principal Books, 1991). -- PDF

Hebrew Bible Translations

* Ageing Israel: The Former Prophets: Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings A Transubstantiation with Commentary (Norton, 2013) -- ePUB

* Libretto of Psalms: A Transubstantiation with Commentary (Norton, 2007) -- ePUB

* David Copy, The: A Transubstantiation with Commentary of I and II Samuel (Norton, 1999) -- PDF + ePUB

* Five Books of Moses: A Transubstantiation with Commentary (Norton, 2004) -- ePUB

* Genesis: Transubstantiation and Commentary (Norton, 1996) -- PDF + ePUB

* Compelling As End Is Honey: Commotion Of Songs Ruth Esther Jonah And Daniel: A Transubstantiation with Commentary (Norton, 2015). -- ePUB

* The Rationality Books: Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes: A Transubstantiation with Commentary (Norton, 2010) -- ePUB


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