Susan Sontag - Fiction, Plays, Essays and Non-fiction (20 books)

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Susan Sontag — Fiction, Plays, Essays and Non-fiction (20 books)

SUSAN SONTAG (1933-2004) was an American litt and filmmaker, professor, literary icon, and factional activist who became a r-ideal for many feminists and aspiring female writers during the 1960s and 1970s. She wrote extensively about photography, sophistication and media, AIDS and disease, man rights, and communism and leftist doctrine. The New York Reading of Books called her «one of the most important critics of her generation.»

Sontag gained inopportune prominence and opprobrium through her essays, or «case studies» as she called them in the land-breaking accumulation AGAINST CLARIFICATION (1966). Her essays revealed an warm and popular clarification of art, encompassing such distinct subjects as photography, disease, fascist aesthetics, filth, and Vietnam. They ranged unrestrainedly from strident modernism to group sophistication, from European to American artistic figures, from the aesthetics of hush to the present-day media spread of images and rumpus. Her m as a litt was characterized by the tautness between such oppositions.

Despite a relatively little produce, Sontag deliberation of herself essentially as a novelist and litt of fiction. At age 30, she published an exploratory novel called THE DONOR (1963), following it four years later with CESSATION KIT (1967). She achieved news public good as a best-selling novelist with THE VOLCANO LOVER (1992). At age 67, Sontag published her irreversible novel IN AMERICA (2000), which won the Citizen Paperback Bestow for Fiction. The last two novels were set in the lifestyle, which Sontag said gave her greater authority to forgive in the polyphonic voice.

The following books are in ePUB organization unless otherwise well-known:


* The Donor (Picador, 2013)

* Cessation Kit (Picador, 2002)

* I, etcetera (Picador, 2002)

* In America (Picador, 2000)

* The Volcano Lover (Picador, 2013)

Plays & Filmscripts

* Alice in Bed: A Be Wonky Curry Favour With (FSG, 1993)

* Confrere Carl: A Filmscript (FSG, 1974)

Essays, Journals & Non-fiction

* Against Clarification & Other Essays (Picador, 1966)

* The Art of Fiction, No. 143 (Paris Reading, Winter 1995). Check Out by Edward Hirsch. -- PDF

* As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Relatives: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980 (FSG, 2012). Edited by David Rieff.

* At the Same Opportunity: Essays & Speeches (FSG, 2007). Edited by Paolo Dilonardo and Anne Jump.

* The Achieve Rolling Stone Check Out (Yale UP, 2013). By Jonathan Cott. -- PDF + ePUB

* Disease as Image (FSG, 1978) -- PDF

* Disease as Image / AIDS and Its Metaphors (Picador, 2013)

* On Photography (Picador, 2011) -- PDF + ePUB

* Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963 (FSG, 2008). Edited by David Rieff.

* Regarding the Pain In The Neck of Others (Picador, 2003)

* Styles of Profound Will (Picador, 2002)

* Under the Initials of Saturn: Essays (Generation, 1981 / Picador, 2013) -- PDF + ePUB

* Where the Weight Falls: Essays (Picador, 2002)

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