Transmetropolitan (Finish - Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]

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Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]

This deluge includes the inviolate 60 emergence run of what many consider to be a trusty side-splitting outstanding, as well as the 2 specials. These are ALL NEW SCANS of this outstanding mystery. All scans are done at 1680px span and both c2c and noAd versions are provided.
*Note: I've organized this deluge with a top-rank severance between c2c and noAds versions. This makes it wonderful docile for you to just elect one folder or the other depending on whether you want all c2c or all noAds.
Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Back on the Avenue (issues 1-6)
The acclaimed Hare-Brained-Headedness series from author Warren Ellis (PLANETARY and THE DOMINION) and artist Darick Robertson, TRANSMETROPOLITAN combines threatening humor, way of living-imminent situations, and ethics amphibology to look into the gonzo thoughts of an desperado hack and the smashing he seeks to destroy.

After years of self-imposed expatriate from a edification rife with baseness and indecency, cynical hack Spider Jerusalem is self-conscious to come to a job he hates and a big apple he loathes. Working as an investigative news-hen for the newspaper The Chat, Spider attacks the injustices of his surreal 23rd Century surroundings. Spider ventures into the perilous Angels 8 precinct, old folks« of the Transients —humans who have determined to become aliens through cosmetic surgery. But Spider»s to with the Transients« chairperson gets him a inside story he didn»t contract for.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Lust for Way Of Living (issues 7-12)
Apostate hack Spider Jerusalem targets three of society«s most worshipped and warped pillars: wirepulling, dogma, and tube. When Spider tries to abandon hare-brained on the atrocities of these institutions, he finds himself fleeing a bundle of hit men/kidnappers in capture of his ex-wife»s frozen forefront completely, a distorted bodily alleging to be his son, and a bitchy talking boys in blue dog.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Year of the Bastard (issues 13-18)
Spider Jerusalem begins to come to pieces under the arm-twisting of glory and escapes into a smashing of acerbity and pills. Armed with only his demented thoughts, Spider embarks on an of federal cynicism, horrific sex and unaccepted luminary with terrible results.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
The New Scum (issues 19-24)
Spider Jerusalem learns of the bitchy fratricide of federal physician Vita Severn, one of the few people that he liked.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Lonely Big Apple (issues 25-30)
Continuing the acclaimed rumour of the day-to-day trials and tribulations of Spider Jerusalem, this fifth installment has the no-holds-barred investigative news-hen delving into the city«s boys in blue corruption. Living in an anti-utopian ever to come, Spider continues his for to acquaint with society»s injustices as he focuses his distinction on those sworn to take under one's wing and give out. But even more so than common, he will learn that his devotedness to the actually can come at a ripe true payment, especially when dealing with the hubbub boys in blue.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Gouge Away (issues 31-36)
Despite — or perhaps with the aid of — drugs, drinking, and paranoia, Spider Jerusalem and his blue assistants are hot on the grow faint of the horrifying actually behind the newly-elected President's campaign.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Spider's Thrash (issues 37-42)
Spider Jerusalem is chirography again. Fired by his old employers, and now the end of the President — a psychotic who is tearing up the consitution to get to him — Spider has set up a new way to get the Actually out there; and there are still plenteousness of stories to tell, as this assemblage takes us through the children and madmen on the streets, the crumbling Big Apple, and the other federal and sexually transmitted disasters of Ellis« near-ever to come smashing. But Spider has yet another esoteric — the recall blackouts, haphazard comportment and ranting aren»t just affair as common. Spider's ever could be race out...

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Dirge (issues 43-48)
We see all trial breaking licentious as a anonymous sniper terrorizes the Printed Matter Precinct and a raging superstorm clears the streets of The City

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
The Smoke (issues 49-54)
Jerusalem and his cohorts slowly up their inquiry into Callahan«s misdeeds and loop up some amazing evidence... not to citation a unique surviving substantiate to the President»s depravity. The uncontrollable, as always, will be getting the chat out before the ginormous forces of the Chairman Of The Board threatening out everything — and everyone — involved.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
One More Ever (issues 55-60)
Spider is fast to in the long run nailing US President Callahan, whose attempts to latibulize his «unusual» passions have heraldry sinister a bloody grow faint in his wake. But ever is stubby: the President has declared soldierly law and his cessation squads are closing in on Spider — though they may be saved the in dire straits if terminating sickness gets him first!

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
Transmetropolitan: I Detestation It Here is a assemblage of snippets from Spider's weekly newspaper column and each in smithereens is illustrated by a new and proficient artist.

Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]
More of Spider Jerusalem«s columns from his residency in the Big Apple newspaper The Chat are featured, race from where the Transmetropolitan: I Detestation It Here one-ball heraldry sinister off and concluding with Spider»s end departure from the report, accompanied by artwork from an array of the finest luminaries from both mainstream and indie comics.

Thanks goes to theProletariat for these scans.
Transmetropolitan (Finish — Costly Distinction Scans) (theProletariat-DCP) [DCP-D]

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