Allen Ginsberg - Metrics, Journals, and Letters (12 books)

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Allen Ginsberg — Metrics, Journals, and Letters (12 books)

ALLEN GINSBERG (1926-1997) was an American versifier and one of the pre-eminent figures of both the Lash Crop of the 1950s and the counterculture that followed. Among the avant-garde he was considered a religious and sexually liberated delegate for magnanimity and enlightenment. With an vibrant and loving persona, Ginsberg used metrics for both bosom spirit and in his war for a more absorbing and unequivocal society.

Ginsberg is best known for his first published record YOWL (1956), in which he lamented the ruination of «the best minds of my generation» and denounced the forces of capitalism and conformity in the Joint States. It drew much estimation for its plain-spoken incorporate of such taboo topics as homosexuality and tranquillizer use, and following its ictus by San Francisco enforce and US Customs, attracted widespread publicity when it became the point of an obscenity enquiry. KADDISH (1961), often considered Ginsberg«s greatest trade, is a covet confessional rime about his mother»s foolishness and his aching for attempts to come to terms with both his relationship to her and with her death.

SERENE POEMS, 1947-1997 (2006) is the first broad one-aggregate whip-round of Ginsberg«s published metrics. HANG ABOUT PLOUGH I»M UNFEELING (2016) compiles uncollected verse that Ginsberg submitted to various publications and selected from his correspondence.

Several volumes of Ginsberg's letters, journals, essays, and interviews are also included here.

The following books are in ePUB and/or PDF order as indicated:


* Serene Poems, 1947-1997 (HarperCollins, 2006) -- ePUB

* Yowl & Other Poems (Town Lights, 1959) -- PDF

* Yowl, Kaddish & Other Poems (Penguin Classics, 2009) -- ePUB

* Truth Sandwiches (Town Lights, 1963) -- ePUB + PDF

* Hang About Plough I'm Unfeeling: Uncollected Poems (Grove, 2016). Edited by Tab Morgan. -- ePUB

Letters & Journals

* One's Own Flesh Role: Selected Letters Between A Forefather and Son (Bloomsbury, 2001). Edited by Michael Schumacher. -- PDF

* Indian Journals, Walk 1962 - May 1963 (Grove, 1996) -- ePUB

* Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters (Viking, 2010). Edited by Tab Morgan and David Stanford. -- ePUB

* Journals: Break Of Dawn Fifties, Break Of Dawn Sixties (Grove, 1977). Edited by Gordon Ball. -- PDF

* The Letters of Allen Ginsberg (Da Capo, 2008). Edited by Tab Morgan. -- ePUB


* The Art of Metrics, No. 8 (Paris Journal, Grow 1966). Vetting by Thomas Clark. -- PDF

* The Important Ginsberg (HarperPerennial, 2015). Edited by Michael Schumacher. -- ePUB


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