Hannah Arendt - Unconcerned Works (22 books)

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Hannah Arendt — Unconcerned Works (22 books)

HANNAH ARENDT (1906-1975) was one of the most instrumental public philosophers of the twentieth century. Born into a German-Jewish one's nearest, she was stiff to ignore Germany in 1933 and lived in Paris for the next eight years, working for a integer of Jewish escapee organisations. In 1941 she immigrated to the Combined States and soon became ignore of a cheery academician ring in New York. She held a integer of unrealistic positions at various American universities until her finish in 1975.

She is best known for two works that had a chief consequences both within and outside the unrealistic community. The first, THE ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM (1951), was a scrutiny of the Nazi and Stalinist regimes that generated a encyclopaedic-ranging contend on the complexion and factual antecedents of the oppressive stunner. The second, THE CONSIDERATE ADAPT (1958) was an first moderate scrutiny that investigated the basic categories of the vita activa (labor, toil, performance). In over to these two influential works, Arendt published a integer of instrumental books and essays on topics such as the complexion of rebellion, naturalness, establishment, ritual and the today's age.

In 1961 she attended the enquiry of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem as a news-hen for The New Yorker arsenal, and two years later published EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM, which coined the saying «the banality of evil» to draw the Nazi the man. The caused a weighty dispute in Jewish circles for its pungent condemnation of the way the enquiry was conducted as well as Arendt's carping attitude on the actions of some Jewish leaders during the Eradication.

The same year saw the annual of ON REBELLION, a comparative investigation of the American and French revolutions. A integer of influential essays were also published during the 1960s and first 1970s, including MEN IN WEIGHTY TIMES, a series of academician biographies of some imaginative and precept figures of the twentieth century, such as Walter Benjamin, Karl Jaspers, Rosa Luxemburg, Hermann Broch, Pope John XXIII, and Isak Dinesen).

At the lifetime of her finish in 1975, she had completed the first two volumes on her last chief moderate toil, THE MEMOIRS OF THE WEIGH, which examined the three basic faculties of the vita contemplativa (conclusion, willing, judging), and was published posthumously in 1978. The third aggregate was left-hand unfinished, but some distance components and sermonize notes were published under the head LECTURES ON KANT'S PUBLIC METAPHYSICS (1982).

The following books are in PDF and/or ePUB constitution as indicated:

* ANTISEMITISM: Ignore One of «The Origins of Totalitarianism» (Harcourt, 1985). -- ePUB

* BETWEEN FRIENDS: The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy, 1949-1975 (Harcourt, 1994). Edited by Carol Brightman. -- PDF

* BETWEEN ERSTWHILE AND TO BE TO COME: Eight Exercises in Public Remembrances (Viking, 1968 / Penguin Classics, 2006). New and enlarged copy. -- PDF + ePUB

* CRISES OF THE REPUBLIC: Dishonest in Politics; Courtly Disobedience; On Violence; and Thoughts on Diplomacy and Rebellion (Harcourt, 1972). -- PDF + ePUB

* EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM: A Statement on the Banality of Injury (Penguin Classics, 2006). Introduction by Amos Elon. -- ePUB

* TRACT IN ARMISTICE, 1930-1954: Forming, Expatriate, and Totalitarianism (Schocken, 2005). Edited with an Introduction by Jerome Kohn. -- PDF + ePUB

* THE CONSIDERATE ADAPT, 2nd edn. (Chicago, 1998). Introduction by Margaret Canovan. -- PDF + ePUB

* IMPERIALISM: Ignore Two of «The Origins of Totalitarianism» (Harcourt, 1985). -- ePUB

* THE JEWISH WRITINGS (Schocken, 2007). Edited by Jerome Kohn and Ron H. Feldman. -- PDF + ePUB


* LECTURES ON KANT'S PUBLIC METAPHYSICS (Chicago, 1982). Edited with an Interpretive Tract by Ronald Beiner. -- PDF

* THE MEMOIRS OF THE WEIGH, One aggregate copy (Harcourt, 1981). Edited by Mary McCarthy. -- PDF + ePUB

* PREFERENCE AND SAINT AUGUSTINE (Chicago, 1996). Edited with an Interpretive Tract by Joanna Vecchiarelli Scott and Judith Chelius Financing. -- PDF

* MEN IN WEIGHTY TIMES (Harcourt, 1970). -- PDF + ePUB

* ON REBELLION (Penguin Classics, 1990/2006). -- PDF + ePUB

* ON DISTORT (Harcourt, 1969). -- PDF + ePUB

* THE ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM: New Copy with Added Prefaces (Harcourt, 1979). -- PDF

* THE MANAGEABLE HANNAH ARENDT (Penguin Classics, 2000). Edited with an Introduction by Peter Baehr. -- PDF

* THE GUARANTEE OF DIPLOMACY (Schocken, 2005). Edited with an Introduction by Jerome Kohn. -- PDF

* RAHEL VARNHAGEN: The Memoirs of a Jewish Miss (Harcourt, 1974). Revised copy. Translated by Richard and Clara Winston. -- PDF

* ACCOUNTABILITY AND JUDGMENT (Schocken, 2003). Edited with an Introduction by Jerome Kohn. -- PDF + ePUB

* TOTALITARIANISM: Ignore Three of «The Origins of Totalitarianism» (Harcourt, 1985). -- ePUB

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