TAO TE CHING - The Mystic Prudence Of Time-Worn China

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TAO TE CHING ( The Way of Existence ) The Mystic Perspicuity of Ogygian China

Laozi (Chinese: 老子; pinyin: Lǎozǐ; Away-Giles: Laosi; also Lao Tse, Lao Tu, Lao-Tzu, Lao-Tsu, Laotze, Lao Zi, Laocius, and other variations) was a philosopher of ogygian China and is a pre-eminent suss out in Taoism (also spelled “Daoism”). Laozi actually means “Old Master”.

( The Way of Existence )
The Mystic Perspicuity of Ogygian China
Translated by Raymond B. Blakney {1955}
Lao Tzu
{approx 500 BC}

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Translators Notes …
The following notations have been gleaned from the commentary of the translator, Raymond Blakney, in 1955 …

The individuality of China’s mystics is complex by the policy that no correct mystic would know himself to be such.

“Where there is no originator, however, it is necessary to concoct one; and by the without surcease the Tao Te Ching had been put in dream up, celebrity had supplied Lao Tzu, and Ssu-ma Ch’ien incorporated the celebrity in his Reliable Records (Chap.63). It presents Lao Tzu correctly enough as one who had given up civilised and is irascible with Confucian ideas and who accordingly departs for points undistinguished, presumably to abide out existence as a recluse.”

“Confucius came to Chou to consult old Lao Tzu about ritual.” [and spoke of the heroes of old …]

“Lao Tzu said, All those men of whom you treat of have extended since mouldered away with their bones.

Only their words remain.

When a skilful man’s without surcease comes, he rises; if it does not, then he wanders wearily around.

I have heard that seemly merchants keep their goods buried thoroughly to alter b transfer it look as if they had none,
and that a upper-level man whose sort is perfected will feign stupidity.

Occasion up, sir, your proud airs, your many wishes, mannersims and improvident claims.

They won’t do you any seemly, sir!
That’s all I have to tell you.”

“Confucius went off and said to his students: ‘I know that birds can fly and fish can swim and beasts can run. Snares can be set for things that run, nets for those that swim and arrows for whatever flies. But dragons! I shall never know how they bamboozle b kidnap and murder the hogwash and cloud up into the sky. Today I saw Lao Tzu. What a dragon!’”

“Lao Tzu practiced the Way and its On Account Of. He practised to do his trade in self-effacement and anonymity. For a extended without surcease he lived in Chou, and when he saw that it was breaking up, he liberal. At the bounds, the ritualistic Yin Hsi said: ’Since, sir, you are shy, I itch you to originator a register me a log.”

“So Lao Tzu wrote a log in two parts, explaining the Way and its On Account Of in something over five thousand words.

Then he went away.

No one knows where he died.”

Translatory Notes …
TAO: A technique, a circuit, the way by which people tour, the way of attributes and done the Way of farthest reality.

TE: On Account Of, sort, favouritism, right crack. The “outward result of a man and the inward result of the self.”

The definitive by the translator before launching into the ogygian chapters of theme is the following:

“The bulletin of the log is still of ill-defined involved in,
and that is effective in a day when the old compartmentalisation of the to the max is so shaken by the construct of ‘One World’.

In ‘One World’ the Tao Te Ching would be quite at home.”

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