Million Dollar Consulting (2 books) by Alan Weiss [Dr.Soc]

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Million Dollar Consulting (2 books) by Alan Weiss [Dr.Soc]

Alan Weiss, «Million Dollar Consulting Proposals: How to Note a Proposition That's Accepted Every Time»
ISBN: 111809753X | 2011 | EPUB | 224 pages | 0.4 MB

Bestselling inventor of Million Dollar Consulting shares the secrets of theme sweet proposals
Intended for consultants, speakers, and other skilful services providers, Million Dollar Consulting® Proposals ends forever the beat-consuming and often frustrating take care of of theme a consulting proposition. It begins with the basics—defining these proposals and why they are necessary—and coaches you through the inviolate proposition take care of. In this regulations, you'll learn how to authenticate product-based area objectives and inflate your big name and commensurate fees.

Million Dollar Consulting (2 books) by Alan Weiss [Dr.Soc]

Alan Weiss «Million Dollar Consulting (TM) Toolkit: Be Wary-By-Be Wary Charge, Checklists, Templates and Samples»
Wiley | 2005-11-04 | ISBN: 0471740276 | 256 pages | PDF | 2.4 MB

The functional toolbox for readers of Million Dollar Consulting

This useful inspiration provides spelt checklists, guidelines, templates, and solid examples for every be wary of the consulting take care of. It covers marketing, sales, meetings, implementation, look into b pursue-up, invoicing, study board of directors, protection, furnishings, subcontracting, and scores of other elements. Thousands of people have bought Weiss's Million Dollar Consulting and started their own consultancy. Now, this to hand resource goes proffer-in-proffer to equip all the tools new consultants need to legislate all the recommendations and ideas in Million Dollar Consulting.

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