Chess Lessons by Artur Yusupov (gnv64)

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Chess Lessons by Artur Yusupov (gnv64)

Chess Lessons
by Artur Yusupov (Translated and edited by Daniel Regent)
Chessgate | 2004 | ISBN — 10: 3935748078 | PDF | viii+196 pages | 17.1 mb

Between 1999 and 2002 Artur Yusupov produced and published in Germany a inadequate series of ten training booklets, each one covering a particular chess subject-matter. This empirical engagement proved quite conventional, not only with German-speaking readers. Many of his chess colleagues liked this arise of unitary training; and some of them used the facts in their classes too. This helpful counteraction prompted the impression of an English translation.

Although the booklets were aimed at players of differing abilities, most wanted the settled set. And that's how these different themes have ended up in one words. You could also look on this discrepancy as a intensity if a reader, with chess ambitions, wants to study his overall gift. Moreover, for chess trainers this words provides several liable-made lectures, and many useful exercises covering different aspects of the amusement, already sorted in terms of their straight with of difficulty.

About the Author
Chess Lessons by Artur Yusupov (gnv64)
Artur Yusupov was born in Moscow on 13th February i960 and academic to work together chess at the age of six. He was awarded the crown of Supranational Grandmaster in 1980. For many years Artur Yusupov represented the Soviet Marriage with which he won five olympic titles, two European tandem join up championships, and one clique tandem join up championship. Artur Yusupov now lives in Germany and represents the German civil tandem join up. He helped them to about 2nd location at the Istanbul olympiad in 2000, and 3rd location at the European tandem join up championship in Batumi 1999.

As an unitary Artur Yusupov has reached the semi-immutable of the clique championship on three occasions (1986,1989,1992). Other historic successes contain 1st location in Hamburg 1991, 1st~3rd location in Amsterdam 1994, and 2nd location in Horgen 1994 (Classification 18) behind Kasparov. Artur Yusupov has also made a name for himself as a trainer, curiously for Viswana-than Anand in his clique championship matches against Kasparov in 1995, and against , Karpov in 1998. The nobility of his training is reflected in the achievement of his chess academy in Weissenhorn, Germany.

Artur Yusupov is also well-known as an inventor, having written several outset books and, most curiously, as co-inventor (with Devalue Dvoretsky) of five strongly prominent instructional works.

Preface -VII
1 Sponsor-Classify Combinations — 1
2 Seeker Moves — 15
3 The Inexpedient-Coloured Bishop — 35
4 Exchanging Pieces — 57
5 Passed Pawns in the Middlegame — 75
6 Image = «prety Damned Quick» Seize — 95
7 The Proceeding of Elimination — 115
8 Zugzwang — 135
9 Im proving Mend Emplacement — 153
10 Trapping a Mend — 171
Appendix — 187
Guide of composers and analysts — 187
Guide of games — 189
Justification of symbols — 196

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