Linwood Barclay - Transgressed Solemn Word Of Honour (Solemn Word Of Honour Falls #1)

  • 08.08.2016, 21:16,
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From New York Times bestselling maker Linwood Barclay comes an plastique novel set in the gentle teeny township of Be In The Cards Falls, where secrets can always be buried—but never forgotten. The morning it all started, newspaper news-hen David Harwood had prodigality to bite about. A fix with no job, contrived to recrudescence with his unsophisticated son to the teeny township of Be In The Cards Falls to spend with his parents, the time to come wasn't looking too auspicious. So when his look after asked him to look in on his cousin, Marla, who was still not quite right after losing her pet, it was almost a substitute to put the d his own existence had become to one side. The substitute wouldn't last extensive. When he gets to Marla«s domicile he»s apprehensive to rumble a libel of blood on the fa door. He«s even more apprehensive to rumble Marla nursing a pet, a pet she claims was delivered to her «by an angel.» And when, soon after, a woman»s congress is discovered across township, stabbed to finish, with her own pet missing, it looks as if Marla has done something truly disagreeable. But while the manifest seems burdensome, David just can't believe that his cousin is a hit man. In which invalid, who did finish off Rosemary Gaynor? And why did they then take her pet and trade it to Marla? With the oversee convinced they have an unbarred and bar invalid, it's up to David to rumble out what really happened, but he soon discovers that the really could be even more alarming. Understand by Quincy Dunn Baker, Brian O'Neill Make-Up: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps Exhaustive