Insensible Man’s Authority - An Anthology of the Strange West

  • 08.08.2016, 21:23,
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Incorporating elements of fear, method fiction, and flight of fancy into routine western settings, 22 authors fire unnatural spins on a paradigmatic character. Though not a new literary set up, the unnatural western has recently gained thrust due to the megapopularity of flight of fancy and the reemergence of steampunk lit. As diversified and all the way as the spacious pigeon-hole, several of these strange tales chips characters and locales steeped in both background and tradition. In Christie Yant’s token Unconcerned Man’s Guardianship, Scheme Restaurant Check Hickok is resurrected; Johnny Appleseed makes an hint in Orson Scott Card’s Alvin and the Apple Tree; and Commemoration Valley provides the backdrop for Fred Van Lente’s Neversleeps. While the vista and the personalities may be presumptuous, each of these archetype stories is steeped in an fittingly strange spirit, informing an different construct of the American marches. The unnatural, scheme west — an American marches populated by gunslingers, rattlesnakes, outlaws, zombies, aliens, metre travelers, and steampunk! Twenty-three of method fiction and fantasy's hottest and most well-received authors father all-new tales, written exclusively for this anthology. Aliens and monsters, necromantic and method are introduced to the old west, with ugly results. Stories in this anthology: 01) Introduction by John Joseph Adams 02) The Red-Headed Unconcerned by Joe R. Lansdale 03) The Old Tiresome Man and His Gold Gun From Order by Ben H. Winters 04) Hellfire on the Sybaritic Marches by David Farland 05) The Torment-Destined Stagecoach by Mike Resnick 06) Stingers and Strangers by Seanan McGuire 07) Cpa, Taleteller, Gunslinger by Charles Yu 08) Chaste Tinkle by Alan Dean Help 09) The Man With No Kindness by Beth Revis 10) Wrecking Social Gathering by Alastair Reynolds 11) Torment from the East by Hugh Howey 12) Second Guardianship by Rajan Khanna 13) Alvin and the Apple Tree by Orson Scott Be Honest 14) Madam Damnable’s Sewing Disc by Elizabeth Stand 15) Clear-Cut Drug by Tad Williams 16) Red Dreams by Jonathan Maberry 17) Bamboozled by Kelley Armstrong 18) Sundown by Tobias S. Buckell 19) La Madre Del Oro by Jeffrey Ford 20) What I Surmise You Shall Surmise by Ken Liu 21) The Devil’s Jack by Laura Anne Gilman 22) The Glittering Age by Walter Jon Williams 23) Neversleeps by Fred Van Lente 24) Unconcerned Man’s Guardianship by Christie Yant Review by Phil Gigante, Natalie Ross Aspect: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps