Howard Riley - The Round Out Compressed Stories 1998 - 2010, FLAC

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The loveliness of a wee report, of course, is that it can be taken in at a sitting, indeed is so structured and formulated that it represents a unattached, constant lexical interpretation, in contradistinction to the episodic or architectural edifice of a hunger novel. It is, to that space, a built that lends itself rather well to melodic analogies, though not at first scintillate to improvised music, which tends to subordinate dexterous edifice to tick-by-tick tale. And yet the greatest wee stories can often seem improvised: brief, epiphanic flashes where the next keep one's wits about one and the last upshot corpse in reservations to the very end. There’s something of the humane hug of Chekhov, Hemingway’s muscle, reticence and defences underground to absolute abstraction, but perhaps it’s Henry James, that pro of indefinable atmospheres and of the anxious discussion between Old Magic and New Magic cultures. This is the monarchy Howard Riley occupies with magisterial self-assurance, jazz given not just a hooked-all cisAtlantic highlight but with Howard’s unique burr, influential phrasing not totally swung but put through a harmonic and rhythmical door that transforms it thoroughly. How to hark to him? Italo Calvino, another pro of the wee built, put it wholly: ‘It is not the turn that commands the story; it is the ear.’ Tracks: CD 1: The Opener 3‘08“ Eleven 2‘31“ Liason 4‘25“ Encore 7‘25“ Echoes 2‘59“ No Emit 3‘03“ Reach 2‘56“ Mythology 6‘48“ Branching 2‘12“ Hullabaloo 3‘47“ New Winter 2‘18“ Largo 2‘42“ Played In 2‘25“ Veracity 1‘50“ Only One 2‘59“ Move Forward 1‘39“ CD 2: Wee Stories 3‘21“ Fidelity 5‘12“ Sun One 3‘50“ One More Space 2‘53“ Axis 3‘19“ The Furthest Inapt 3‘47“ After Which 4‘49“ Air Space 2‘14“ Alternatives 2‘10“ Regeneration 4‘21“ For Jaki 3‘51“ To Be Sure 2‘40“ Sun Two 3‘05“ Straightforwardness 3‘45“ Of Now 3‘22“ CD 3: Geocentric One 3‘43“ Up And Downs 2‘50“ With Rest 3‘14“ The Gap 3‘17“ Think Again 3‘24“ Geocentric Two 3‘26“ Palmate 3‘32“ Walkabout 2‘34“ D 3‘33“ Limb Lines 3‘24“ Employer Games 2‘35“ Splits 2‘32“ Concision 3‘48“ Shenanigans 3‘10“ Maybe 5‘40“ CD 4: Another Space 3‘36“ No Regrets 3‘12“ Ascending 2‘10“ Still Permanent 3‘20“ Threesome 2‘27“ Of the Tick 4‘30“ Meditating Tendencies 4‘42“ Inevitably 3‘19“ Sentiments 3‘27“ Inaugurate Reservations 4‘29“ Cryptic Schooling 4‘52“ Caucus 2‘21“ Hark To Me Out 6‘11“ Craze 3‘00“ Roots 6‘04“ CD 5: Autograph 5‘02“ Gap 3‘09“ Periphery 4‘10“ Only One 3‘10“ The Fourteenth 4‘10“ There You Are 3‘54“ Certainly 2‘44“ Mutual 4‘34“ Thrilling 3‘47“ Equanimity 3‘47“ Stopped 2‘52“ Turn-About 5‘59“ Reasoning of Midnight 4‘42“? CD 6: Hellish On Brilliant 11‘04“ Set Aside 10‘00“ Longevitine 11‘19“ On One's Way On 9‘22“ Composure 11‘08“ NoBusiness Records NBCD 21-26, 2011. Minimal copy of 300 boxes CD 1 was recorded on 23rd July 1998 CD 2 was recorded on 11th April, 1999 CD 3 was recorded on 29th June 2004 CD 4 was recorded on 2nd August 2006 CD 5 was recorded on 27th June 2008 CD 6 was recorded on 22nd April 2010 All compositions by Howard Riley (PRS/MCPS) Mastered by Arыnas Zujus at MAMAstudios Motif by Oskaras Anosovas Business – Danas Mikailionis Co-business – Valerij Anosov <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a