The Hyperion Cantos - All 4 Audiobooks (M4B)

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The Hyperion Cantos is a series of system fiction novels by Dan Simmons. The ownership was initially used for the solicitation of the first duo of books in the series, Hyperion and The Decrease of Hyperion, and later came to refer to the overall storyline, including Endymion, The Move of Endymion, and a multitude of lacking in stories. Within the unreal storyline, the Hyperion Cantos is an epic verse written by the nutter Martin Silenus. Of the four novels, Hyperion received the Hugo and Locus Awards in 1990; The Decrease of Hyperion won the Locus and British System Fiction Pairing Awards in 1991; and The Move of Endymion received the Locus Furnish in 1998. All four novels were also nominated for various system fiction awards. Hyperion First published in 1989, Hyperion has the organize of a give form edda, be like to Geoffrey Chaucer«s Canterbury Tales and Giovanni Boccaccio»s Decameron. The edda weaves the interlocking tales of a varied unit of travelers sent on a tour to the While Tombs on Hyperion. The travelers have been sent by the Church of the Settled Recompense, alternately known as the Shrike Church, and the Hegemony (the authority of the kind prima donna systems) to get to a demand of the Shrike. As they improve in their rove, each of the pilgrims tells their exaggeration. The Decrease of Hyperion This reserve concludes the edda begun in Hyperion. It abandons the storytelling give form organize of the first novel, and is instead presented mainly as a series of dreams by John Keats. Endymion The edda commences 272 years after the events in the foregoing novel. Few absolute characters from the first two books are produce in the later two. The absolute nutter is Raul Endymion, an ex-soldier who receives a extirpation judgement after an unfair test. He is rescued by Martin Silenus and asked to bring off a series of rather extraordinarily difficile tasks. The absolute work is to let loose and screen Aenea, a saviour coming from the aloof close by via while globe-trotting trips. The General Church has become a principal compulsion in the kind circle and views Aenea as a budding peril to their power. The unit of Aenea, Endymion, and A. Bettik (an android) evades the Church's forces on several worlds, ending the edda on Soil. The Move of Endymion This settled novel in the series finishes the edda begun in Endymion, expanding on the themes in Endymion as Raul and Aenea fray the church and be introduced to their individual destinies