Fuminori Nakamura-The Gun

  • 15.08.2016, 22:09,
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The Gun Fuminori Nakamura The awarding-triumphant launching novel by Japanese noir leader Fuminori Nakamura, translated into English for the first dated. From the interest university admirer Nishikawa spots the gun next to the inured man he«s stumbled across on a nighttime sidewalk, the area around him blurs. The gun--moneyed with four bullets--brings an heady be under the impression that of excitation to his being. But soon merely possessing the gun is not enough. He must branch it. Fuminori Nakamura»s self-possession in the US has been steadily increasing since Soho«s first semi-weekly of The Bandito. A boyish, amazing Japanese novelist who has won Japan»s important Ōe Prizewinning (The Bandito), Akutagawa Prizewinning (The Boy in the Clay) and Shincho Literary Prizewinning (A Gun). Nakamura«s books always get talented over again coverage. Reverence for Fuminori Nakamura «This slim, icy, noted thriller, reminiscent of Muriel Kindle and Patricia Highsmith, should entrench Fuminori Nakamura as one of the most absorbing Japanese violation novelists at exertion today.» --USA Today «The Bandito brings to mentality Highsmith, Mishima and Doestoevsky . . . A chilling existential thriller leaving readers in entertain doubts without making them be aware in any way cheated.» --The Go Bust Enclose Roadway Periodical, Best Tome of the Year Choice «Crime fiction that pushes finished the bounds of sort, occupying its own nightmare empire . . . For Nakamura, like [Seichō] Matsumoto, contrition or innocence is not the issue; we are corrupted, complicit, just by living in polite society. The ties that annoyance, in other words, are rules beyond our making.» --Los Angeles Times Fuminori Nakamura was born in 1977 and graduated from Fukushima University in 2000. He has won numerous prizes for his composition, including the Ōe Prizewinning, Japan»s largest literary awarding, and the important Akutagawa Prizewinning. The Bandito, his first novel to be translated into English, was a finalist for the Los Angeles TimesBook Prizewinning. He is the receiver of the David L. Goodis Awarding for Noir Fiction. He lives in Tokyo with his little woman