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Sanders-Trump Ticket? Republicans 1237 First Ballot Delegates. David Drucker, Washington Examiner. Larry Johnson, No Dwelling, Thaddeus McCotter WJR. «Way furtively in 1980, when Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were direction for president, Bush heralded his Iowa conquest by declaring he had »the Big Mo" -- drive -- that would announce him to the presidency. "Other states and the math intervened, and he became Reagan's degeneracy president instead. Bernie Sanders is talking a lot about the Big Mo after his victories in five western states. If I were in his class, I would probably be doing the same factor. It helps him make a comeback fat and pick up the affray for the next several months. «But Hillary«s flexure of five principal states on Pace 15th wasn»t exactly chopped liver either, nor were her overpowering wins in southern states. The dissimilarity is that Hillary has been racking up the delegates. The math is on her side...» <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a _____________ Email from the Clinton Throw: John -- I want to let you know about a maturation that just occurred, because it matters. The manner of this germinal matters, and the influence of our fete at the end of it will question as we mould to veneer Donald Trump or Ted Cruz this slope. Earlier today, the Sanders throw wrote a erudition to the Classless Citizen Commission, falsely accusing us of violating throw capitalize law. You won’t be surprised by what happened next: 26 minutes after the erudition was sent, his throw sent a fundraising email attempting to capitalize on the phony charges. (Before you announce any further, let«s get one factor even: this incriminate is erroneous. They»re questioning our collective fundraising concordat with the DNC, which allows us to vouch for Democrats direction up and down the ticket -- the same fundraising shape used by President Obama in 2008 and 2012.) This latest disturbance is get of a troubling templet of behavior -- occurring just as Bernie’s exact odds of engaging the nomination diminish toward zero -- in which Sanders and his unite are not just debating us on issues (which we all accede to is absolutely middling), but rather attacking Hillary Clinton’s number, togetherness, and motivations. The truthfully that they comprehend the Classless Fete in these charges -- an consortium we want later generations of progressives to conviction and vouch for -- further confirms that the Sanders throw has let things get out of speedily in its waning days. To wit: • Over the weekend, they had protesters outside one of our fundraising events -- one whose proceeds went not just to Hillary for America, but to the Classless Citizen Commission and 32 articulate Classless Parties -- throwing dollar bills at Hillary’s motorcade, as if they were at, shall we say, an grown-up enjoyment venue. This was just days after someone introducing Bernie at a make a comeback called Hillary a “Democratic whore.” • In last week’s , Bernie questioned Hillary’s commitment to fighting aura switch because a tremendous 0.2% of the fat given to our throw has come from employees of oil and gas companies. Not even 2%, do not give a second thought to you: 0.2%. • And of course, Sanders fagged out several days occupation Hillary outright for the presidency, based on an entirely erroneous call that Hillary had said the same about him. She hadn’t (and still hasn’t, even after what he said). To be unblock, we welcome a on the powerful issues fa Americans, like how to nip in the bud gun bestiality, embolden insensitivity, and do more to equivalent the playing territory for Americans who are counting on us. But it’s searching to see how anyone -- other than Donald Trump and Ted Cruz -- benefits from this declining screw of rash and baseless attacks. Right about now is when we ought to be talking about coming together as a developing workings, not undermining a contemporaries of voters’ creed in the Classless Fete and in the lady who is almost certain to be its designee. Thank you for everything you do to vouch for our throw. Robby Robby Mook Throw Straw Boss Hillary for America The John Batchelor Show Up The John Batchelor Show Up