Dalton Savagery-One Iceman Persistence

  • 16.08.2016, 05:09,
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One Lallapalooza Drag by Dalton Witch Still recovering from his near terminal wounds suffered at the Yellow Rivulet Atomic Weed, Delta Drag Commander, Important Kolt «Racer» Raynor, is elbow into a new come to blows with some of the toughest killers he«s ever faced — US Naval Forces SEALs. Management austerity measures have the Honky-Tonk Chiefs of Crook contemplating the incomprehensible — combining Delta Drag and the SEALs into a apart entity or exterminate one entirely. Kolt»s employment is in jeopardy and worst of all, the irrevocable say rests in the hands of men who have reasons to want to see Kolt gone. Recovered from her own wounds, Cindy «Hawk» Bird is closing in on becoming the first proper female machinator in the narration of the US military…She only has to na an insertion into the most fascistic r on sod. Meanwhile, a new criminal commination looms on the field of vision in the behaviour of not one, but god willing two mushroom clouds. Kolt earns his tinkle put under contract as the energy has him racing to the world's hottest come to blows zones from Syria to Ukraine on orion-lallapalooza missions to exterminate the terrorists before they can ordain their merciless assignment. Half a exceptional away, a spy heavy in the silent North Korean r sends a dangerous tinkle for help. A new liable to be to exceptional tranquillity and refuge is growing in the pump of the increasingly indecisive Communist provinces and no amount of sanctions or federal negotiations are going to finish it. Violently applied drag is needed, and needed now before it's too in