The Boys of '67_ Charlie Company's War in Vietnam

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The Boys of «67: Charlie Company»s War in Vietnam Written by: Andrew Wiest Narrated by: William Hughes Interminably: 15 hrs and 12 mins Unbowdlerized Audiobook Distribute Season:12-06-13 Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc. When the 160 men of Charlie Circle were drafted by the US Army in May 1966, they were as far as someone is concerned of the ground swell of conscription that would swell the American military to eighty thousand spar troops in Vietnam by the acme of the war in 1968. In the come from of 1966 the war was still favoured, and the draftees of Charlie Circle saw their serving as a procedure of passageway. But by December 1967, when the circle returned dwelling, only thirty men were not casualties — and they were among the first veterans of the war to be discharge on and harassed by war protesters as they arrived traitorously dwelling. In The Boys of «67, Andrew Wiest, the confer-victorious framer of Vietnam»s Forgotten Army and The Vietnam War 1956-1975, examines the experiences of a circle from the only upset in the Vietnam era to coach and deploy together in be like work to Exultant War II's venerable 101st Airborne Upset. Wiest interviewed more than fifty officers and enlisted men who served with Charlie Circle, including the surviving body leaders and both of the company's commanders. In counting up, he interviewed fifteen relations members of Charlie Circle veterans, including wives, children, parents, and siblings. Wiest also had access to intimate papers, collections of letters, a annals, an over-abundance of newspaper clippings, training notebooks, mead manuals,condolence letters, and photographs from before, during, and after the battle. As Wiest shows, the fighting that Charlie Circle saw in1967 was nearly as bloody as many of the better publicized battles, including the detestable battles of the Ia Drang Valley and Hamburger Hill. As a consequence, many of the surviving members of Charlie Circle came dwelling with what the military now recognizes as brace-shocking bring home hubbub — a diagnosis that was not recognized until the news 1970s and was not by many treated until the 1980s. Only recently, after more than forty years, have many members of Charlie Circle achieved any palpable and steady basso-rilievo «low relief» from their agony