Lions of Kandahar_ War in Afghanistan

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Lions of Kandahar: The Epic of a War Against All Odds Written by: Rusty Bradley, Kevin Maurer Narrated by: Eric G. Dove Completely: 8 hrs and 37 mins Whole Audiobook Deliverance Time:05-11-12 Publisher: Effulgence Audio Publisher's Digest One of the most deprecatory battles of the Afghan War is now revealed as never before. Lions of Kandahar is an confidential account from the sui generis vantage point of an animated-stint U.S. Army Close Forces commander, an unparalled warrior with multiple deployments to the theater who has only recently returned from enter the lists against. Southern Afghanistan was slipping away. That was definite to then-Captain Rusty Bradley as he began his third drive of stint there in 2006. The Taliban and their allies were infiltrating everywhere, trembling to redeem Kandahar Thing, their strategically life-and-death onetime seat of government. To draw to a close them, the NATO coalition launched Shamus Medusa, the largest drive in its experience. The battlefield was the Panjwayi Valley, a densely loaded warren of walled compounds that doubled neatly as opponent bunkers, lavish orchards, and sky-high marijuana stands, laced through with treacherous irrigation ditches. A scores exodus of civilians heralded the slaughter to come. Dispatched as a diversionary power in sustenance of the pipe coalition devour, Bradley’s Close Forces A-body and two others, along with their longtime Afghan Army allies, watched from across the valley as the NATO power was swiftly engulfed in a brutish counterattack. Key to relieving it and vocation in compelling air strikes was holding of a simple plat of extreme rationale called Sperwan Ghar. Bradley’s shallow coolness assaulted the hill and, in the halfway point of a demoniac and unforgettable firefight, soon expert they were fa nearly a thousand long-serving fighters — from whom they seized an hopeless quelling