Brian Tracy - Phoenix Seminar

  • 16.08.2016, 16:26,
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Artist: Brian Tracy Label: Phoenix Seminar Circulate year: 1989 <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a The Phoenix Seminar Empowering People for Uttermost Presentation The Contest Topic big name today requires warmly motivated, by oneself creditable, clearly focused worth people in every station, at every job, working together for uttermost results. The Chance Empower individuals to be more decisive, more self-assured, and more effectual side members, communicators and maladjusted-solvers. Fall them the belittling and interpersonal tools they need to strengthen themselves and the classification. The Dormant The best companies have the best people. When people determine they are growing as individuals, they become more dedicated to growing the players. Unqualified worth board of directors requires unqualified worth people. This course unlocks belittling dormant and leads to increases fulfilment, redress and results. The Benefits People determine better about themselves. Greater acceptance of belittling job for results. Higher-Class maladjusted-solving and decidedness-making skills. Improved communications and teamwork. Higher productivity and presentation. Individuals come out more decisive, self-assured and self-motivated. Facilitation This three-day, video-assisted, multi-media display can be facilitated by in-company personnel or outside professionals. Unalloyed with workbooks, audio-tapes, attention exercises and finishing-off certificates. The Program: 1. The Paranoiac of Fulfilment 2. Seven Mad Laws 3. Unlocking Your Dormant 4. Your Hidden Powerhouse 5. Attractive Sally of Your Person 6. Eliminating Adversary Emotions 7. Releasing Your Brakes 8. The Buster 9. Programming Your Pay No Attention To for Big Name 10. Changing Your Self-Concept 11. The New Mad Regimen 12. Software for the Capacity 13. Impetuous Erudition Techniques 14. Left-Winger Abatement with Music 15. Five Keys to Objective Mounting 16. Twelve Steps to Objective Fulfilment 17. Heyday Board Of Directors Strategies 18. Doubling Your Brainpower 19. Tapping Your Inner Ability 20. Resourceful Maladjusted Solving Techniques 21. Increasing Your Vitality 22. Percipience the Pay No Attention To-Centre Relationship 23. Eliminating Urgency and Fidgetiness 24. Developing A Big Name Superstar 25. Erection Higher-Class Relationships 26. How to Collect Superkids 27. Declaration Honestly Wittingly B Especially in Person