Brandon Sanderson - The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1)

  • 17.08.2016, 04:19,
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Brandon Sanderson — The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) [GraphicAudio] Roshar is a dialect birth b deliver of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of preposterous power whisk across the apathetic landscape so over that they have shaped ecology and cultivation akin to. Animals lurk in shells, trees take out in branches, and squealer retracts into the soilless cause. Cities are built only where the topography offers harbour. It has been centuries since the decline of the 10 consecrated orders known as the Knights Dazzling, but their Shardblades and Shardplate scraps: cabbalistic swords and suits of armor that permute regular men into near-invulnerable warriors. Wars were fought for them, and won by them. One such war rages on the Shattered Plains. There, Kaladin has been reduced to bondage. In a war that makes no faculty, where 10 armies resist individually against a one foe, he struggles to conserve his men and to get to the bottom of the leaders who consider them unessential. Brightlord Dalinar Kholin commands one of those other armies. Like his fellow-countryman, the at an advanced hour royal, he is fascinated by an time-worn printed matter called The Way of Kings. Troubled by visions of time-worn times and the Knights Dazzling, he has begun to vacillate his own reasonableness. Across the the depths, an unproven unfledged cleaning woman named Shallan seeks to prepare under an conspicuous book-cleaning woman and naughty heretic, Dalinar«s niece, Jasnah. Though she genuinely loves scholarship, Shallan»s motives are less than wholesome. As she plans a valorous hijacking, her dig into for Jasnah hints at secrets of the Knights Dazzling and the proper cause of the war. Produced by GraphicAudio Shape: MP3 Bitrate: 128 Kbps