Osho_The Last Testament vol 6 of 6

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Audio: MP3 49.0 Kbps, 32.0 KHz, 1 flute, The Last Testament, Vol 6 Interviews with the Have Television Talks given from 30/01/86 through different times of 1986, up to 1989. not continuously.. English Discourse series 16 chapters but 5,11,are missing so there are just 14. (Last mrs average Osho talk was on 10th april 1989: The Zen Manifesto: Overfamiliarity From Oneself, # 11«Samasati». These were last words in mrs average to sannyasins and to all.) The last Osho talk in this vol 6 is last Osho's evaluate alltogether , given on 21 July 1989 am in LaoTzu Firm, Poona, India, After that there was just silence..no talk. This last evaluate was Evaluate with Swami Satya Vedant asking questions from Pritish Nandy, Illustrated Weekly of India, Osho: So, I should greet to Shree Pritish, that will be better. VEDANT: TREASURED OSHO, IN CONTEMPLATION OF THE UPCOMING MONGREL ELECTIONS, THE WOMAN OF ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY, MR. PRITISH NANDY HAS REQUESTED YOUR VIEWS ON A MARK OF ISSUES CONFRONTING INDIA TODAY. THE FIRST DOUBT: WHAT IN YOUR CONTEMPLATION SHOULD BE INDIA'S ENLIGHTENING POLICY? .......................... not busy tome can be downloaded if you ask Google, or from oshoworld(dot)com Many of the interviews from the Have Journey have not been listed as being neighbourhood of any Last Testament Book and they have been arbitrarily assigned to Vol.'s 4, 5 and 6 in groups of thirty. It is demanding to look-alike audio discourses and transcriptions in printed tome Some of discourses in this book were given in Kathmandu Nepal, some were given in Bombay; the last one in Poona. Discourse no 4 listed in focus is announced like Discourse no 34 Entertaining on the Technique. Therefore I placed this audio as no 4 in TLT vol 6. (focus from Entertaining on the Technique no 34 is not close to this talk..I don't know where it should be and where is audio which belongs to it. Different topics were vocal here as answers to the questions. try to mind him on video as much you can.He said that in this way (video) he can transport much more then in any other way (books, audios)