M. R. James-A Prophecy to the Odd & Casting the Runes

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A Forewarning to the Eccentric & Casting the Runes by M. R. James Vision MONTAGUE RHODES JAMES, the greatest English litt of ghost stories, was born in 1862 at Goodnestone Parsonage in Kent, where his architect was Curate, and fatigued most of his boyhood at Livermere, near Forget St Edmunds in East Anglia, where his architect had become Rector. From youth he was passionately interested in mediaeval books and antiques. At the age of six, attending his first children«s dinner party, he explode into tears, but was soon comforted by being taken into the library of the take in and left side there alone. He won a award to Eton and took a copy first at Cambridge, becoming a distingu linguist and mediaevalist. In the years up to 1914 he enjoyed spending his vacations cycling bout Europe, the first of his many visits being made with a alter ego sharing a copy tricycle. In 1913 he became Failing-Chancellor of the University, and in 1918 he became Provost of Eton. A man of arduous lore and huge quickness of out for, he translated the Apocryphal Books of the New Testament into English, having them published in 1924, and was said to point his breakfast egg by the point it took him to over the Times crossword. Many of his dignified and scary tales were suggested to him by scenes he had visited in Europe or England. Seaburgh, for example, in »A Forewarning to the Curious«, is Aldeburgh in Suffolk. Scoop-important was a sideline, and his basic notorious is based on only thirty or so stories, written over about the same many of years, from 1894 to 1927. His first gathering, »Ghost Stories of an Antiquary«, was published in 1904. He died in 1936. This quantity contains A Forewarning To The Eccentric and Casting The Runes. Geoff McGivern has been heard in many BBC Transmit programmes, including Mid-Week, Week Ending and the r of Ford Prefect in the primary transmit and cassette kind of The Tug Up Hiker»s Master to The Galaxy. He has appeared extensively on including the West End run of The Dresser. On box he has appeared in Mr Pye, Blackadder III and Chelmsford 123