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LINER NOTES Funk came of age in the 1970s when a dub used in jazz circles for the whilom two decades crossed over to the dancefloor. Our 16 slices are served up by acts ranging from Parliament -one of the genre«s unquestioned trendsetters, led by the unmanageable George Clinton- to Afro-rockers Osibisa and Cymande, irresistible in acts as distinct as lass clique Honeycone and heroic »Hustle« hitmakers The Fatback Combination. Chairmen of the Accommodate are one of five artists featured from the Invictus/Hot Wax fixed, founded by the writing/production troika of Holland, Dozier and Holland. They struck out on their own after scoring hits with innumerable Motown acts; you can gather a move of Stevie Wonder in »Finders Keepers«. From Detroit we socialize to New Jersey for our collection»s head , performed by female vocal duo Peremptory Enforce, which wrote their name in the last UK table of the decade. If it«s dancing party music with a plump bass solidus and layered guitar, keyboard and vocals you»re after, look no further &#151; «We Got The Funk»! <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a 01. Peremptory Enforce &#151; We Got The Funk [3:26] 02. Cymande &#151; The Bulletin [4:17] 03. Unrest Funk &#151; Interrogate Me Up [6:37] 04. The Fatback Combination &#151; Passage Dancing Party [3:14] 05. Fellow-Citizen To Fellow-Citizen &#151; In The Restrain [3:21] 06. Laura Lee &#151; Crumbs Off The Catalogue [3:36] 07. Freda Payne &#151; Unhooked Inception [2:29] 08. The Rythm Makers &#151; Region [5:49] 09. William De Vaughn &#151; Be Obliged For What You Got [7:06] 10. Osibisa &#151; Sunshine Day [5:01] 11. Chairmen Of The Accommodate &#151; Finder's Keepers [4:07] 12. Honey Cone &#151; Want Ads [3:49] 13. The Kay-Gees &#151; Get Down [4:17] 14. The Politicians &#151; Unbidden Your Dress Down [3:08] 15. 8th Day &#151; Cheba [4:31] 16. Parliament &#151; Come In Out Of The Lavish [2:57] Earmark: Ch Pie Released: 1999 Catalogue: PIESD 076 Codec: Flac Compression Tied: 6 Attribute: Aged CD-rip by alekow (EAC and Flac) Covers Included (600dpi) From, Motivation and Apportion