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LINER NOTES Born Jose Calderon in Spanish Harlem N.Y.C. of Puerto Rican line, conga performer anad bandleader Joe Cuba was one of the most lucrative N.Y. Latin artists in crossing over to non-hispanic audiences. At the forefront of the Latin boogaloo leaning, which incorporated baleful music in a fusion of Latin rhythms and piano montunos with R&B and even jazz, his sextet used English to percolate through the American followers, sometimes using themes which incorporated the two languages. Tnis CD of some of the finest travail by the Joe Cuba Sextet is compiled from the five key albums Steppin Out, Diggin« The Most, Comin» At You , Breakin' Out, and Para Enamorados Siempre, which they recorded for the revered N.Y. Seeco denominate from 1962-64. Although Joe attended Benjamin Franklvn High-Priced Grammar and then went on to read at Brooklyn College, he was definitely no angel. According to Vernon Boggs in the ticket «Salsiology» «In 1943, on the second planking of El Mutulista Obrero Puerto Riqueno Ballroom (110th St and Lexington) the bandleader Machito spoke to teenagers and persuaded them to sponge up in someone's bailiwick gangs for sports or music. It worked....Charles and Eddie Palmieri, Sabu Martinez, Joe Loco, Louie Ramirez, Willie Bobo and Joe Cuba are just a few of the former troupe conspire members who later earned their alcove in music.» Even so his songs enact non-stop notation to everyday coerce and mill of soul in «El Barrio». The Joe Cuba Sextet was formed in 1954 and consisted in its conclusive entity with Joe Cuba &#151; congas, Tomas &#151; vibes, Take In Jiminez &#151; piano, replica bass, Jimmy Sabater &#151; timbales, with Sabater and Cheo Feliciano sharing restraint vocals. This relatively lowly instrumentation, featuring the vibraphone instead of a temerity subdivision -trite in a jazz location but practically unrevealed in Caribbean music- represented the changes that were going on in N.Y. Latin music after the bang of the big bands. Idolised by the Latin community, Joe Cuba's songs appeared on the citizen hit array, appreciated by the baleful community as well as the Hispanic. But The Joe Cuba Sextet played more than boogaloo. As you will learn on this CD, their repertoire features noteworthy Latin-jazz, overjoyed mambo, cha cha, bolero, guaracha and other Afro-Cuban rythms including a grooving rendition of Tito Puente«s »Oye Como Va'. Choir Girl Cheo Feliciano fronts their examine with his resounding baritone express, the catch of the fillet functioning as one kicking stress subdivision. American yet very Latin, jazzy yet very Afro-Cuban, Joe Cuba Sextet were the examine of sixties Spanish Harlem. Via this Charly Records reissue their music lives into the 21st century. <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a 01. Cachondea [3:00] 02. Tremendo Coco [2:39] 03. Oriente [2:59] 04. Liegue [2:08] 05. To Be With You [2:51] 06. Guaracha Y Bembe [2:49] 07. La La Pa [2:51] 08. Que Va [2:25] 09. Makings «N» Things [2:31] 10. El Hueso [3:04] 11. Callejero [2:34] 12. Aprieta [3:14] 13. Wabble-Cha [2:25] 14. Ya No Tengo Amigo [3:07] 15. So What [3:24] 16. Yo Vine Pa' Ver [2:13] 17. Salsa Y Bembe [2:55] 18. Mujer [2:37] 19. Pancho Foo [2:50] 20. Picando De Vicio [2:53] Digitally Remastered at Charly Studios Compilation and Sleevenotes by Dominique Roome Denominate: Charly Released: 1996 Catalogue: CDHOT 606 Codec: Flac Compression Be Honest: 6 Excellence: High-Priced CD-rip by alekow (EAC and Flac) Covers Included (600dpi) Enact Use Of, Origin and Divide Up