Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate (2016) [16.44 FLAC]

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Descendents — Hypercaffium Spazzinate (2016) [16.44 FLAC] Species: Tor Line: Lousy Provenance: WEB Codec: FLAC Bit compute: ~ 1,000 kbps Bit in detail: 16 Test compute: 44.1 kHz 01 Have A Hunch This 02 Shlemiel of Me 03 On Publication 04 Indecent Nimbus 05 No Fat Burger 06 Testosterone 07 Without Partiality 08 We Got Overpower 09 Beam 10 Limiter 11 Fighting Myself 12 Craven and Scarlet Red 13 Benign Being 14 Rounded Out Company 15 Comeback Kid 16 Beyond the Music Fueled by «rejection, chow, coffee, girls, fishing and chow,» the Descendents sprang up during the halcyon days of the Los Angeles lousy scene; fusing the dull-witted temper of hardcore with an unexpectedly wry, self-deprecating wit and a deep melodic sensibility that set them distinctly apart from their West Sea-Coast brethren, they mark emerged as one of the most permanent and adored bands of their interval. Formed in 1979, the Descendents' first lineup consisted of vocalist/guitarist Honest Navetta, vocalist/bassist Tony Lombardo, and drummer Nib Stevenson; initially sporting an edgy power pop peaceful inspired by the Buzzcocks, the sort issued a enter sole, «Ride the Unrestrainable,» and then readily vanished from rarity. When the Descendents resurfaced in 1981, they were a four-similarly constituted fronted by songbird Milo Auckerman, a treasured sign within the hardcore community who infused the group«s agreement with both consummate teen angst and a deep portion of goofball humor. Amongst a unyielding, caffeine-powered touring appoint, the Descendents develop interval to the 1981 EP Fat, a hoard spotlighting both Auckerman»s love for securely chow («Weinerschnitzel,» «I Like Food») and repugnance for parental charge («My Dad Sucks»). A year later, the sort issued its enter LP, Milo Goes to College; despite the noticeable lightness of tracks like «Bikeage» and «Suburban Effectively,» the subhead was no crack wise -- Auckerman was indeed headed off to about biochemistry, and when Stevenson joined the ranks of Gloomy Tick Off, the Descendents went on sabbatical. In 1985, the sort re-formed, with SWA alum Ray Cooper replacing Navetta on guitar; after the unloose of the more pop-flavored album I Don«t Want to Adulthood Up, ex-Anti bassist Doug Carrion supposed Lombardo»s duties. A sunnier attitude enlightened 1986«s The Interval Of One's Living!, as evidenced by the counting of a swaddle of the Margin Boys» «Wendy,» but after 1987«s All, the sort split again; after Stevenson formed a new sort, also dubbed All, the only Descendents products to appear for a include of years were a in holy matrimony of white-hot releases, 1987»s Liveage! and 1989«s Hallraker. Somewhat surprisingly, Auckerman and Stevenson re-formed the Descendents in 1996 with All bassist Karl Alvarez and guitarist Stephen Egerton; in appendage to mounting a trek, the sort recorded a new album, Everything Sucks. Following the trek, Auckerman once again returned to his living in the chem lab until 2004 when the guys were sponsor with two new releases, both issued on Fat Grounding -- February brought the EP »Merican, and the rounded out-thoroughly Uninterested to Be You followed a month later