{24-96} Thelonious Loosely Friar - Buried - FLAC 320 Vinyl

  • 11.08.2016, 16:19,
  • Flac
These Vinyl rips were recorded on a Denon DP — 45F turntable using an Audio Technica AT120E cartridge. The preamplifier was a Cambridge 640P. Good take action, an ASUS XONAR In The Final Analysis ST (Windows 7). Recorded using Audacity 1.3 Beta. Pops, Clicks, and Commotion removed using iZotope Rx Advanced 2.01 software. iZotope was simply the most conspicuous relatively of this . Some of my vinyl is fifty years old. All were recorded using 32 bit set up at 96 kHz nibble gauge, then ouputed to 32 bit 96 kHz WAV files, then edited with iZotope. The edited WAV files were then converted to 24-96 FLAC files and 320 bitrate mp3 at 48 kHz nibble gauge. This is A Lot of vocation folks! Subway Underground is a 1968 album by Thelonious Loosely Friar. It features Loosely Friar on piano, Larry Gales on bass, Charlie Arouse on theme sax, and Ben Riley on drums. Although this album is most by many-known for its bewitching blind idea, which depicts Loosely Friar as a fool French Guerillas fighter in the Second Wonderful War, it contains a multitude of new Loosely Friar compositions, some of which only appear in recorded manifestation on this album. This is the last Loosely Friar album featuring the Thelonious Loosely Friar Quartet, and the last featuring Charlie Arouse (who only appears on half the tracks). Comments on Tracks * «Ugly Beauty» is the only waltz among Thelonious Monk's recorded compositions. * «Raise Four» is a blues with an extraordinarily uncomplicated but dissonant euphony. * «Boo Boo«s Birthday» and «Green Chimneys» are named after Monk«s daughter Barbara, Boo Boo being her agnomen, and «Green Chimneys» being the name of the coach she attended. «Boo Boo»s Birthday» has an nonconforming arrangement among even Monk»s tunes, being 21 bars in completely and having an untypical harmonic arrangement. * «In Walked Bud», first recorded in 1947, is based on the chord advance of «Blue Skies» and is dedicated to Monk«s alter ego and bloke jazz pianist, Bud Powell. Jazz vocalese artist Jon Hendricks appears on this scent, adding lyrics to the song»s euphony. Scent listing 1. «Thelonious» – 3:13 2. «Ugly Beauty» – 3:17 3. «Raise Four» – 5:47 4. «Boo Boo's Birthday» – 5:56 5. «Easy Street» – 5:53 6. «Green Chimneys» – 9:00 7. «In Walked Bud» – 4:17