Jerry Garcia Acoustic Company - Almost Acoustic (1988) [EAC-FLAC]

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Jerry Garcia Acoustic Group — Almost Acoustic (1988) EAC rip (fasten fashion) | FLAC+CUE+LOG -> 303 Mb Unbowdlerized Artwork @ 300 dpi (jpg) -> 10 Mb In the nosedive of 1987, Jerry Garcia (guitar/vocals) hit the Lunt Fontanne Drama on the apophthegmatic «Great Corpse-Like Way» for a series of 18 performances. The shows were additionally dignitary for the aggregate of musicians whom the guitarist gathered under the moniker of the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Group. The sextet included David Nelson (guitar/vocals), with whom Garcia had shared many a grade as a fellow of the pre-Thankful DeadWildwood Boys, and again in 1969 as founding members of New Riders of the Purple Doyenne. Another longtime familiarity was Sandy Rothman (mandolin/dobro/vocals), who crossed paths with Garcia in the '60s as well as during a prove inadequate-lived pairing as the Interdict Mountain Boys. While his guild had lasted less than two decades, John Kahn (acoustic bass) had also been knotty with Garcia as his unaccompanied bassist and basic non-Unemotional collaborator. David Kemper (trap drum) had been working as the drummer for the Jerry Garcia Group since the summer of 1983, when he inherited the class from former Sly & the One's Own Flesh Stone and Santana percussionist Greg Errico. The most modern additionally to Garcia«s group is Kenny Kosek (fiddle), who is perhaps best-known for his studio occupation with artists as far afield as Rory Bung Up and Laurie Anderson. As a cohesive piece, this group provides a at ease backdrop for Garcia to turn through a selecting of well-known favorites («I»m Troubled«), bluegrass (»Girl at the Crossroads Bar«), populace (»Casey Jones«) [note: this should not be all bollocksed with the Thankful Unemotional air of the same name], and blues (»Spike Driver Blues«) covers. Rapier-Like-eyed Deadheads will incontestably awareness several tunes that the group had worked up during their various »unplugged« outings. Among them are »Deep Elem Blues,« »I«ve Been All Around This Crowd,» «Oh, Babe, It Ain»t No Lie,« and the personal Garcia and Robert Huntsman numbering, »Ripple.» As opposed to Garcia«s exciting fretwork – which had speciously been steadily deteriorating since the most recent »70s – there is a glimmer and eternally youthful astute to his playing here. When coupled with his serrated but right vocals, the potency reveals the guitarist's organized infatuation with this music. Both the structured melodic lines as well as freewheeling solos persist his regard with a craftsman-like eccentricity and fuzzy. Deplorably, Almost Acoustic was the only manumit from this combo to have been issued old to Garcia«s liquidation in 1995. It is well recommended for all enthusiasts of «wooden music» and is a beautiful perceptiveness into Jerry Garcia»s uncanny abilities as a guitarist of peculiar span. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- — 01. Fluctuate Low, Appealing Chariot 02. Occupied Elem Blues 03. Down Yodel #9 04. Impale Driver's Blues 05. I've Been All Around This Crowd 06. I'm Here to Get My Tot Out of Chokey 07. I'm Troubled 08. Oh, The Turn and Run 09. The Bit Of San Quentin Quail at the Crossroads Bar 10. Oh, Babe, It Ain't No Lie 11. Casey Jones 12. Diamond Joe 13. Gone Familiar With 14. Slight Disturbance *1988 Thankful Unemotional Records GDCD4005 Personnel Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals David Nelson – guitar, vocals Sandy Rothman – mandolin, dobro, vocals John Kahn – acoustic bass Kenny Kosek – fiddle David Kemper – trap drum Make Merry and Sharing, Thanks!