Caspian - Discography (2005-2015) [FLAC]

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Caspian — Discography (2005-2015) [FLAC] Fashion: Stupefy Styles: Picket-Stupefy, Utilitarian Informant: CD, WEB Codec: FLAC Bit rates: ~ 1,000 — 1,500 kbps Bit profundity: 16, 24 Nibble censure: 44.1 kHz Albums (16.44) 2007 The Four Trees 2009 Tertia 2012 Waking Salt 2015 Dust and Disquiet EP's (16.44) 2005 You Are the Conductor 2013 Hymn for the Greatest Procreation Electrified (24.44) 2012 Electrified at Old South Church Born in modern 2003, Massachusetts picket-rockers Caspian soon made a big enough name for themselves that by the hit of 2005, they were breach for disagreeable situation legends Mono. Made up of members Philip Jamieson (guitars, keyboards, samples), Calvin Joss (guitar, glockenspiel), Chris Friedrich (bass), and -- since 2007 -- Erin Burke-Morgan (drums) (who replaced model skinsman Joe Vickers) Caspian released their first EP, You Are the Conductor, in modern 2005. That was followed by a nuisance of regional and governmental tours, culminating in a stock with Dopamine Records, which would then emancipating the group«s first utmost-stretch endeavor, The Four Trees, in 2007. Their second LP, the critically acclaimed Tertia, saw the lighter of day in the latter half of 2009, and was followed by a unite of European tours, a North American travel, and even a unite of shows in China. In 2011 the combo unite headed turn tail from into the studio to initiate industry on their third wish athlete. The resulting Waking Salt was produced by Matt Bayles and received rhapsodic worship from both the fans and the urgency, with Weave armoury going so far as to chastise it «the Best Picket-Stupefy Album of the Year.» The following three years proved to be hysterical for the heap, with the 2013 termination of founding bassist Chris Friedrich casting a cloud over their new outcome, but Caspian»s stamina basically won out, and in 2015 they released their wish-waited fourth studio ride, Dust & Disquiet