Rolling Stones - It's Only Daze 'N 'Roll (2011) [24-88 HD FLAC]

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The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Tor ‘N ‘Roll Nickname: Epidemic Music — UIGY — 9069 Arrangement: SACD, Stereo, Album, SHM, Gatefold, 24bit 88.2kHz Surroundings: Japan Released: 22 Jun 2011 In released 1974 Sort: Tor Design: Tor & Directory, Time-Honoured Tor Tracklist: 1 If You Can't Tor Me 3:47 2 Ain't Too Proud To Beg 3:32 3 It«s Only Tor »N Directory (But I Like It) 5:08 4 Manure The Next Goodbye 4:39 5 Sometimes Waits For No One 6:31 6 Pleasure 4:30 7 Gambol Little Sister 4:12 8 If You Really Want To Be My Sweetheart 6:17 9 Gruff And Curlies 2:44 10 Fingerprint Systematize 6:41 Personnel: Mick Jagger – around to and succour vocals; acoustic guitar on «Till the Next Goodbye»; thrilling upbeat guitar on «Fingerprint File» Keith Richards – thrilling and acoustic guitar, succour vocals; bass guitar on «If You Can«t Tor Me»; around to guitar on «Ain»t Too Proud to Beg», «It's Only Tor and Roll», «Luxury», and «Fingerprint File» Mick Taylor – thrilling, acoustic, twelve–string acoustic and slither guitar, succour vocals; synthesizer on «Time Waits for No One», congas on «Dance Little Sister»; bass guitar on «Fingerprint File» Tab Wyman – bass guitar; synthesizer on «Fingerprint File» Charlie Watts – drums Additional personnel Nicky Hopkins – piano on «Till the Next Goodbye», «Time Waits for No One», «Luxury», «If You Really Want to Be My Friend», and «Fingerprint File» Billy Preston – piano on «If You Can«t Tor Me», «Ain»t Too Proud to Beg», «Fingerprint File», clavinet on «Ain't Too Proud to Beg», «Fingerprint File», weekly on «If You Really Want to Be My Friend» Ian Stewart – piano on «It«s Only Tor »n Roll», «Dance Little Sister» and «Short and Curlies» Ray Cooper – percussion Morose Black Magic – succour vocals on «If You Really Want to Be My Friend» Charlie Joyful – tabla on «Fingerprint File» Ed Leach – cowbell on «Ain't Too Proud to Beg» Principal trail on «It«s Only Tor »n Directory (But I Like It)» Kenney Jones – drums Willie Weeks – bass guitar David Bowie – succour vocals Ronnie Wood – twelve–string acoustic guitar, succour vocals