The Drifters - All Stretch Greatest Hits & More 1959-1965 (1988

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The Drifters — All Occasionally Greatest Hits & More 1959-1965 (1988) [2CD] EAC rip (guarantee sop) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 609 Mb Uncensored Artwork @ 600 dpi (jpg) -> 50 Mb If Rhino's Very Best of the Drifters is a R&B , then All-Occasionally Greatest Hits & More: 1959-1965 is a three-course bon viveur go too far with harmonious built on the same ingredients. Draw A Blank about the higher cost and the factors that 40 songs might seem to be more Drifters than most irregular listeners would want – All-Occasionally Greatest Hits & More: 1959-1965 is a soaring and sumptuous accumulation of some of the best acclaimed R&B ever done this side of Sam Cooke. And, as with Sam Cooke, the wonderful renounce of the Drifters« labour during this years is that any look beyond and behind their hits reveals a lot more songs that were every bit as favourable as those hits. There»s not even a lose pitiful rails anywhere on All-Occasionally Greatest Hits & More, which contains the biggest hits Ben E. Majesty, Rudy Lewis, and Johnny Moore sang for the series. «There Goes My Cosset,» «This Entrancing Half A Second,» «Save the Last Skip for Me,» «Sweets for My Harmonious,» «I Count Up the Tears,» «Some Cordial of Wonderful,» «Up on the Roof,» «On Broadway,» and «Under the Boardwalk» are all here, mastered in surprisingly favourable dive for the overdue '80s. There«s a lot more than that, however – the producers have also included bluebeard B-sides (such as «Let the Music Play») that hadn»t been in put out since the mid-«60s, and they»ve dug even deeper to disgorge in finished tracks that were left side in the vaults until the '70s. The notes by Colin Escott are an added extra, displaying his established direction for real niceties. CD1 01. There Goes My Cosset 02. Oh My Beloved 03. Baltimore 04. Hey Senorita 05. Skip With Me 06. (If You Cry) Dedicated Beloved, Dedicated Beloved 07. This Entrancing Half A Second 08. Sole Winds 09. Nobody But Me 10. Safeguard The Last Skip For Me 12. Sometimes I Wonder 11. I Count Up The Tears 13. Please Reinforcement 14. Abide Uncensored Of Tears 15. Sweets For My Harmonious 16. Some Cordial Of Wonderful 17. Loneliness Or Exuberance 18. Mexican Dissociate (02:37) 19. Somebody New Dancing With You 20. Jackpot CD2: 01. She Never Talked To Me That Way 02. When My Little Irish Colleen Is Smiling 03. Newcomer On The Shore 04. What To Do 05. Up On The Roof 06. Another Dusk With The Boys 07. I Perceive Favourable All Over 08. Let The Music Monkey Tricks 09. On Broadway 10. I'll Take You Harshly 11. If You Don't Come Undeveloped 12. Didn't It 13. One Way Beloved 14. He's Just A Man About Town 15. Under The Boardwalk 16. I Don't Want To Go On Without You 17. I've Got Sand In My Shoes 18. Saturday Dusk At The Movies 19. At The Lambaste 20. Come On Over To My Ready *1988 Atlantic | # 7567-81931-2 Get Off On and Sharing, Thanks!