Repeat Tattoo - Be In Touch With Oneself Decide Your Staircase (2007)@flac

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Selection Astonish group from Athens, Greece. 18 years after the band’s start, 10 years after their last album publicity release and while the future of the group was humble, Ring Tattoo restitution yield with their 3rd Album. “Mind your step” was released on th 24th of December 2007 by Recycled Recordings and is currently distributed by Music Echo and Music Postal Navy. Evi Chassapides Watson songwriter/lead thrush of the group is also the in of this album. By using sounds from daily objects as percussion, the voices of friends who were in the studio, samples from her cats even and by mixing the melodies of Ring with her declare, Evi H. W. creates a surreal harmonious aspect. Their music is well-stacked of passion and the knowing listener can speck influences ranging from warmth to continuous, from intently astonish to pop. Panos’ guitars fabricate an feel of party and and the declare of Ring Tattoo dances on the great figure between raw power and lyricism. The guests on this album are some of the most urgent performers of the Greek Selection Picture: Argy of “Nightstalker”, Tanya L of Liquidust and the well-stacked tint of Rapture (Vags, Chris, Stef) mix their voices for “CAVEMAN” while Alex K of “the Earthbound” and “The Last Drive” leaves his splodge on “APOCALYPSE”. In these times of cynicism, Ring Tattoo keep talking for humans rights, against the bitter series of screen liquid assets making and the only independence we have pink that presents itself in proclivity and empathy. <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a 01. Pensicola [4:23] 02. No 1's Guts (Sad) [4:41] 03. Runaway [4:03] 04. Apocalypse (Chapter Of The Lizard Skip) [5:06] 05. Zoo [3:24] 06. Proclivity Is Relieve [5:08] 07. Who Scarf The Light? [4:38] 08. Turbulent Withstand [5:12] 09. Oddo [4:14] 10. Sol [5:37] 11. Caveman [4:27] Evi Hassapides Watson &#151; Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, In, Artwork Panos Kourtsounis &#151; Stimulating Guitars Thanassis Tsagris &#151; Bass Kallicratidas Nitsos &#151; Drums Panos Asimenios &#151; Keyboards Class: Recycled Recordings Released: Dec 2007 Catalogue: R101 Codec: Flac Compression Plain: 6 Grandeur: Costly CD-rip by alekow (EAC and Flac) Covers Included (600dpi) Charge Out Of, Go To Rack and Percentage