Freakwater - Scheherazade (2016) [EAC-FLAC]

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Freakwater — Scheherazade (2016) EAC rip (shield procedure) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 254 Mb Unshaded Artwork @ 300 dpi (jpg) -> 35 Mb Freakwater«s messed-up but expert harmonies have always been the key to their strong, and if they suggested the vanished members of the Carter Relatives far gone on penurious demon rum on 1995»s Feels Like the Third At The Same Time, they still strong essentially the same way 21 years down the border, which only points to the peculiar timelessness of their remains of profession. 2016«s Scheherazade may be the first album in over a decade from Catherine Irwin and Janet Beveridge Bean, but the grim yet sharp storytelling of their lyrics and the wobbly straightforwardness of their vocals lead one to believe no more than a few months passed between 2005»s Reasoning of You and this set. From the severe rail against of «What the People Want» to the homey but troubling visions of «Ghost Gang Cheaply,» Freakwater push no fear they«re still living in the same fallen planet that»s always been their current in, and they elicit a ill-behaved and a similarly blighted set while fa it all with the quirky grin of a confirmed cynic. Freakwater themselves haven«t changed, but Scheherazade does recover them working with a different supporting cast; while their earlier albums were all cut in Chicago, Scheherazade was recorded in Freakwater»s clan Louisville, Kentucky, with a get of players that includes Warren Ellis from the Ribald Three, James Elkington from Tweedy and Eleventh Day-Dream Day, and Evan Patterson of Green Widows on guitar, as well as Freakwater's longtime bassist David Wayne Gay. The arrangements have more of a hallucinational warn than the more Appalachian chat up advances of their earlier profession, but in the final the music serves the songs and vocal performances on Scheherazade, and does so charmingly. Scheherazade isn«t exactly the Tolerate Benign Album of 2016, but being vanished and forsaken with Freakwater is a more pleasing common sense than fervour invigorated with most other acts, and Scheherazade is a expert turn one»s mind of what Catherine Irwin and Janet Beveridge Bean do so strikingly well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- — 01. What The People Want 02. The Asp And The Albatross 03. Bolshevik And Bollweevil 04. Down Will Come Coddle 05. Falls Of Be In The Land Of Nod 06. Take Me With You 07. Velveteen Matador 08. Undernourished Knee Bone 09. Gang One With A Bullet 10. Recollection Vendor 11. Missionfield 12. Ghost Gang Cheaply © 2016 Bloodshot Records | BS 235 From and Sharing, Thanks!