The Fix - Peaceably Ever After (1981) [EAC-FLAC]

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The Medicine &#151; Contentedly Ever After (1981) EAC rip (fixed craze) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 396 Mb Solid Artwork @ 600 dpi (png) -> 55 Mb For American ears only, in the years before a new do business with Elektra ultimately granted the Medicine the access to the airwaves that they«d all but given up dreaming of, …Happily Ever After is nothing less than a two-for-one repackaging of the band»s second and third European albums, the brooding desolation of Seventeen Seconds and the affirmative darkness of Dedication. It makes for discomforting listening, both for newcomers to the be activated of the inopportune gather and for fans more ordinary to experiencing the two records in fork sittings. Together with the band's fourth album, Dirt, the two LPs here were the be activated of the Medicine racing to separate themselves not plainly from their inopportune notorious as a melancholy power pop fillet, but also from any of the other comparisons, compadres, and contemporaries that the function-thug sight could spew up at them. Seventeen Seconds, one U.K. analysis excellently remarked, was the be activated of the fillet sitting in a end of day-time cell, staring at clocks. Dedication was what happened when those clocks stopped. Both are well done records, but they are unrelenting ones, their evocation of the hopelessness that lies on the far side of all feeling palpable enough to create unraveling the Medicine utterly – a handle that Dirt, of course, would performed, but which commenced large before that. Seventeen Seconds was headstrong enough to induce keyboard participant Mathieu Hartley to flee rather than be function to further such exercises, while Robert Smith himself later described the band's settling to enter upon on a year-large peregrination to boost Dedication as one of the worst ideas they ever had – 12 months of «sackcloth and ashes.» From a marketing aim of witness, placing the two albums together was without a dubiousness a capability conspire, one that would add new listeners to the fillet with a bent over bang for their buck. What that bang would do to those listeners, however, is another import entirely. And, while …Happily Ever After itself is best viewed today as just a discographical characteristic for collectors' interests only (both albums have large been available singly), that is still a debatable value pondering. With the lights turned down low, of course. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- &#151; 01. A Thought 02. Behaviour for Today 03. Secrets 04. In Your Cat-House Free 05. Three 06. The Last Be Activated 07. A Forest 08. M 09. At End Of Day 10. Seventeen Seconds 11. The Devout Hour 12. Drill 13. Other Voices 14. All Cats Are Glum 15. The Burial Function 16. Dubiousness 17. The Drowing Man 18. Dedication *1987 A&M Records | CD 6020. 1st US Iron 1987 Lift and Sharing, Thanks! The Medicine &#151; Dirt (1982) [EAC-FLAC]: <a href="[EAC-FLAC]« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"[EAC-FLAC]</a