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On this 1980 album, Osibisa drifted yet further toward an R&B social-pop instructing than they had on their premature studio best performance, Ojah Aroused. Of course they weren«t alone among non-professional recording artists in making concessions to disco during this era, and they didn»t forget their African roots. It was still a somewhat dispiriting style, and while much of the band's mark mingling of African and Western influences remained unsullied, the songs -- all of them around five minutes sustained, and relying on grooves more than happiness -- were affable of blah. «Celebration» is about as seal to a customary psyche-funk-disco apprehend as the tie got, and seems more like an Blue Planet, Disconcert & Vim jaunt than an Osibisa one. At other points, the elements get more eclectic, ingenious, and (by Western pop standards) exotic; «Africa We GoGo» is reasonably convincing Africanized funk. The Santana-esque traits that often popped up in the band's exertion are there to assent to in cuts like «Oreba (Ensorcellment People),» especially in passages where journal, guitar, and hymn-like vocals come to the fore. There«s too much of a weight of walloping beats, however, and it does not classification among the group»s stronger or most assemblywoman albums. (AMG) <a href=" http://i.imgur.com/7ucuB3g.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://i.imgur.com/7ucuB3g.jpg</a 01. Assembly Signification [5:18] 02. Sanctification [4:46] 03. Africa We Go Go [4:15] 04. Oreba (Ensorcellment People) [5:19] 05. Going On [5:42] 06. Mama (I Will Be Endorse) [4:03] 07. I Be Sorry For (Pata Pata) [4:40] 08. Fatima/Obinkabimame [6:54] Hand-Out Tracks 09. That's Sustenance [4:04] 10. Living Loving Sensation [2:54] 11. Bum To Bum [5:41] 12. Sunset [6:29] 13. Motivation Up Above (Be) [8:02] Gist Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, African Drums, Vocals – Teddy Osei Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cabassa, Timbales, Marimba – Mac Tontoh Assume Command Of Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Kari Bannaman Music Downbeat Guitar – Roberto Abia Bass – Dikoto Mandengue Drums, Bongos, Bells, Talking Drums – Sol Amarfio Congas, Percussion – Daku «Potato» Keyboards, Vocals – Emanuel Rentzos Funds Vocals – Sweetmeats McKenzie, Kathy T, Miquel Brown, Pam Douglas Produced By Teddy Osei, Mac Tontoh and Gery Bron Term: Mau Mau Records Released: 1992 Catalogue: MAUCD614 Codec: Flac Compression Straight-Shooting: 6 Blue Blood: Strident CD-rip by alekow (EAC and Flac) Covers Included (600dpi) Take, Young and Ration