Sibelius & Nielsen: Violin Concertos - Cho-Liang Lin (1988)

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SIBELIUS • NIELSEN Violin Concertos Classics Today [4/28/2006]: Artistic Excellence: 10 / Astute Excellence: 10 «This breathtaking disc has served as a remark copy for both concertos since it was first issued aid in the up to the minute 1980s. The Sibelius concerto is noted by the strain between Lin’s ardent and virtuosic account of the on one's own neighbourhood and Salonen’s unforgettable exactness at the intelligence of the orchestra. Hearken, for example, to the unforgettable beating understandability at the initiation of the finale, and to the way this serves to “float” Lin’s exhibitionist pyrotechnics up above. It’s just wild. The same holds unvarnished of the Nielsen–there is no finer account of this neglected concerto. It’s a conversation piece because in the finale Nielsen subordinates sudden and sparkle to the work’s overall wild arc, progressing from to contentment. That doesn’t mean the music isn’t unequalled, or that Lin and Salonen’s performances aren’t gripping from first note to last. They scuttle into the initiation signal with apt ferocity and boon the necessary wild motion in the work’s well-disposed conclusion. The exact, well-balanced astute perfectly suits the interpretations. Essential.» --David Hurwitz (reviewing reissue Sony Weighty SK 92613) JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957) Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in D youth, Op. 47 1. I. Allegro moderato (16:41) 2. II. Adagio di molto (8:09) 3. III. Allegro ma non tanto (7:33) CARL NIELSEN (1865-1931) Concerto for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 33 4. I. Largo (18:48) 5. II. Poco adagio (6:44) 6. III. Rondo: Allegretto scherzando (10:31) Unalloyed Timing: 69:17 Cho-Liang Lin, violin Philharmonia Orchestra (1-3) Swedish Air Symphony Orchestra (4-6) Esa-Pekka Salonen Recorded at Watford Community Assembly, London, 1987 (1-3) & Berwald Assembly, Stockholm, 1988 (4-6) Produced by Steven Epstein Recording engineers: Tim Geelan (1-3), Bud Graham (4-6) Outlying specialized supervisors: Graham Kirkby (1-3), Peter Jones & Lars Hedh (4-6) machinate: Peter Lorimar (4-6) Pin-producing machinate: Bud Graham Music senior editor: Tom MacCluskey ® & © 1988 CBS Records Inc. MK 44548