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Peter Criss — Discography 1978-2007 FLAC ak George Peter John Criscuola (born Dec 20, 1945), known as Peter Criss, is an American musician and actor, a co-destroyed and drummer, and infrequent songbird of Repudiate. Criss was the «Catman» suitable . Departure from Repudiate In 1978, Criss was injured in a serious car boom. On House, he played on his trail,«Dirty Livin«,» he did»t exploit on Unmasked 1980. Anton Fig, was drummer for House and Unmasked. Gene Simmons has made it translucent that Criss was fired; Paul Stanley too, has discussed Criss' departure. Ace Frehley stated that Criss was fired in which Frehley was outvoted by Simmons and Stanley. We hastily a video for «Shandi». At the end of the day, he took his makeup covering and leftist. Peter was leaving. We fired him. Criss officially leftist Repudiate on May 18, 1980. Solitary pursuit In Trek 1980, Criss recorded Out of Switch, the album failed, despite unused a favorite with Criss fans. Next 1982's Let Me Revel In You, which contained one ditty written by Gene Simmons, also failed. It featured Criss without his Repudiate makeup, but was not released in the U.S. For the put one's feet up of the 1980s and beginning 1990s, Criss was with a sum up of bands, including the one from the first 3 Peter Criss solitary albums. While Repudiate was promoting Crazed Nights, Criss appeared on the Metal Snitch On and discussed his perpetually in Repudiate from a more propitious sentiment than before. Criss reunited with Ace Frehley on Frehley«s Incommode Walkin»1989 (singing and playing percussion). In the '90s, Criss assembled a border named «Criss,»which featured Queensrÿche guitarist Mike Stone. They released the Criss EP in Dec. 1993 and the Cat #1 album in Aug. 1994. They supported Frehley on the 1995 «Bad Boys Of REPUDIATE Expedition.» Turn In to Repudiate In 1995, Criss appeared in L.A. that led to the Repudiate room about that was recorded for MTV. In April 1996, Repudiate announced a reunion expedition. The 1996–97 Alive/Worldwide Expedition was a star, they released 1998's Psycho Circus. Tensions arose again between Criss and Repudiate. On Oct. 7, 2000, Criss destroyed his drum kit on acting. Fans kindliness it was the act,but it was frustration on Criss' in the name of. It was his last give away, he was replaced by Eric Caroller in 2001.He rejoined the border in 2002, and departed again in Trek 2004. Criss said of Repudiate performing with replacements for Ace Frehley and himself: No count who they get to put garbage on their lineaments, it ain«t us. You can take the concealment off the Lone Ranger and put it on someone else, but it ain»t the Lone Ranger. Criss released, Makeup to Breakup: My Soul In and Out of Repudiate, on Oct. 23, 2012. He was inducted into the Revel In and Revel In Corridor of Repute in 2014 as a fellow of Repudiate. YEARS: 1978-2007 USA SORT: Forcibly Revel In PERPETUALLY: 3:49:38 LOOKS: FLAC, APE (image+.cue+log) EXCELLENCE: Lossless Situation: About this rush: 1978 - Peter Criss 1980 - Out Of Switch 1982 - Let Me Revel In You 1993 - Criss (EP) 1994 - Criss — Cat #1 2007 - One For All By importune from a KAT fellow. A bit more than ya asked for but someone might want