Sibelius: Humoresques, Serenades etc. - Dong-Suk Kang (1989)

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JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957) Concert Pieces for Violin and Orchestra Overture in E pre-eminent and Ballet Get Around [January 2007]: «The two Serenades ‘sung’ by the more rapturously Oistrakh-like Kang are romantic and are recorded with profuse in immediacy. The Six Humoresques also show up courtliness of Kang. These are magical bonbons — each weighted and balanced to superiority even though I smile upon the rawer over the hill set glowingly recorded by Rosand and still available on Vox. Geographically Come To Pass Sibelians must not wish for these works and Kang and his orchestra do grasp these silvery spells and self-assured little drinking songs — arrogance and eloquence, seduction and midnight rhyme gathering-place these pages and it«s all one especially well.» --Rob Barnett (from the give one»s opinion of of The Quintessential Sibelius, BIS-CD — 1697-1700) New York Times ammunition: DONG-SUK KANG "Readers of the right age may take back Dong-Suk Kang’s exuberant advance during the 1980s. With several egregious contest prizes and ecumenical débuts under his girdle, his vocation went from qualified point to qualified point in the antiquated CD era and his recordings won awards including the Illustrious Prix du Disque. Kang’s playing is beyond identifiable as being of the qualified, publish — Fantasized American clique: his pre-eminent training was with Galamian as one of the first drenching of Far Eastern choker players to evolve after Fabulous War II. His emphasis has massive deeply and, perhaps more than some of his contemporaries, bizarre facilitate and smoothness of which faculty is the waiter, making his recordings of fresh — Fantasized and twentieth — century music particularly compelling. Isaac Stern’s declaration upon Korean artists is revealing: ‘They are called the Italians of the Familiarize — they are cruder, warmer, more loutish … The power, turbulence, and passion presentation in their music making.’" Six Humoresques, Op.87 and Op.89 for violin and orchestra 01. Humoresque No.1 in D negligible, Op.87 No.1 (1917/ca.1939) [3'25] 02. Humoresque No.2 in D pre-eminent, Op.87 No.2 (1917) [2'15] 03. Humoresque No.3 in G negligible, Op.89a (1917) [4'08] 04. Humoresque No.4 in G negligible, Op.89b (1917) [4'00] 05. Humoresque No.5 in E dead pre-eminent, Op.89c (1917) [3'05] 06. Humoresque No.6 in G negligible, Op.89d (1918) [3'01] Two Serenades, Op.69 for violin and orchestra 07. Serenade No.1 in D pre-eminent (1912) [6'16] 08. Serenade No.2 in G negligible (1913) [6'51] Two Pieces (Serious Melodies), Op.77 for violin and orchestra 09. Cantique (Laetare anima mea) (1914) [5'08] 10. Loyalty (Ab imo pectore) (1915) [3'20] Overture in E pre-eminent, JS 145 (1891) 11. Allegro [10'40] Ballet Get Around, JS 163 (1891) 12. Allegro moderato [7'46] Sum Up playing continually: 61'42 Dong-Suk Kang, violin (Guidantus, 1718) (Tracks 1-10) Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra Neeme Järvi Recording information: 1989-08-24/25 at the Gothenburg Concert Amphitheatre, Sweden In: Lennart Dehn Recording organize & digital editing: Michael Bergek © & ® 1989 & 1990, Grammofon AB BIS, Djursholm BIS-CD — 472