Thrice - Discography (1999-2016) [FLAC]

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Thrice — Discography (1999-2016) [FLAC] Fashion: Wobble Styles: Possibility, Stick-Hardcore Inception: CD, vinyl, WEB Codec: FLAC Bit rates: ~1,000 — 3,000 kpbs Bit intricacy: 16, 24 Illustration rates: 44.1 — 96 kHz Albums (16bit) 2000 Uniqueness Emergency 2002 The Ignis Fatuus of Safe Keeping 2003 The Artist in the Ambulance 2005 Vheissu 2005 Vheissu (Japan) 2005 If We Could Only See Us Now 2007 The Alchemy Forefinger, Vols. I & II: Ardency & Bottled Water 2008 The Alchemy Forefinger, Vols. III & IV: Air & Ground 2009 Beggars 2011 Major/Minor 2016 To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere EP's (16bit) 1999 First Impressions 2006 Red Sky EP Albums (24bit) 2003 The Artis in the Ambulance (vinyl) 2009 Beggars (vinyl) 2009 The Alchemy Forefinger, Vols. I-IV (vinyl) 2011 Major/Minor (vinyl) 2016 To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere (WEB) Stick-hardcore quartet Thrice formed in 1998 in Irvine, California. Guitarist/vocalist Dustin Kensrue, guitarist Teppei Teranishi, bassist Eddie Breckenridge, and drummer Riley Breckenridge all knew each other from principal manner and the neighborhood skate store, and the traditional sequence of practices, music competitions, and restricted gigs helped hone their new band«s give one the impression. By till 1999, Thrice had amassed enough information to cut a punctilious annals. Working with Cessation by Stereo»s Paul Miner, the quartet recorded 12 tracks and self-released the Uniqueness Emergency LP in April 2000. More gigs followed, and Thrice«s mounting murmur sparked the enrol of Hopeless/Sub City»s Louis Posen. *** Note to Downloaders: I have unruffled as much information as I could discover. If something is missing you can try to discover it in happen lossless and upload it for the community. Asking for it here won't help. Thanks to all the inception rippers and uploaders!