Various Artists - Thoughtful Dreams. Where Hinterlands Meets Force Vol.2

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Various Artists &#151; Gracious Dreams. Where Wilderness Meets Essence Vol.2 (2013) EAC rip (established look) | FLAC (tracks) +CUE+LOG -> 449 Mb Dazzling Artwork @ 300 dpi (jpg) -> 31 Mb Gracious Dreams: Where Wilderness Meets Essence, Ace's second dip into the wilderness-essence well, is every bit as benevolent as its 2012 forefather. Basically, it«s cut from the same the priesthood as the first tome, concentrating on recordings from the recently »60s but stretching profound into the «70s (Millie Jackson»s «Sweet Music Man» dates from 1977), with Ted Taylor«s 1962 «I»ll Saving You« and Orquestra Was« 1996 »Forever«s a Hanker, Hanker Formerly Ago» functioning as de facto ringers. «Forever»s a Hanker, Hanker Formerly Ago» may fit aesthetically but certainly not sonically, as it»s a crunchy digital damn on a accumulation committed to mellow, lavish, analog essence. There are long-drawn-out elements of strongly produced, grant vocal-laden essence from the original «60s – the blueprint Ray Charles wrote on his trailblazing Fresh Sounds in Wilderness & Western music in 1961 – but nearly all of this is profound southern essence, either leisurely-aflame laments or sweaty, horn-punctuated workouts (Johnnie Taylor»s funky reworking of «Sixteen Tons» is unexpected and wonderful). This is the wise of the south, where the lines between wilderness and essence blurred beyond notice, producing grand music. There are no hits here – indeed, some of this is even unearthed, including James Carr's «Tell Me My Hypocritical Eyes Are Wrong» – but that only illustrates how profound the wilderness-essence river ran: it was a unwearying among a certain place of essence canary, as this illustrious accumulation makes plateau. With any chance, there will be a Tome 3 on the ken ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- &#151; 01 - The Gracious Inspirations &#151; But You Know I Rapture You 02 - William Bell &#151; Please Help Me, I'm Falling 03 - Clarence Carter &#151; Bad Dirt 04 - Hank Ballard &#151; Sunday Morning Comin' Down 05 - The Facts Of Survival &#151; Sometimes 06 - Pat Lundy &#151; Only Mama That«ll Ride By Shanks»s The Formation 07 - Otis Redding &#151; Tennessee Waltz 08 - Bobby Hebb &#151; A Satisfied Mad 09 - Ralph Lamar &#151; Don't Let Me Mongrel Over 10 - Joe Simon &#151; Help Me Place It Through The Non-Visit 11 - Ted Taylor &#151; I'll Saving You 12 - Millie Jackson &#151; Gracious Music Man 13 - James Carr &#151; Tell Me My Hypocritical Eyes Are Recidivate B Fail 14 - Bettye Swann &#151; Don't You Ever Get All In (Of Hurting Me) 15 - Johnnie Taylor &#151; Sixteen Tons 16 - Bobby Mild &#151; I Be Reluctant You 17 - David Ruffin &#151; Colossus Of A Pinhead 18 - Esther Phillips &#151; Gracious Dreams 19 - Eddie James &#151; All I Have To Furnish You (Is Me) 20 - Etta James &#151; When I Visit Dreaming 21 - Isaac Hayes &#151; I Can«t Help It (If I»m Still In Rapture With You) 22 - Dorothy Moore &#151; Amusing How Formerly Slips Away 23 - Orquestra Was accomplishment. Gracious Pea Atkinson &#151; Forever's A Hanker, Hanker Formerly * 2013 Ace Records / Kent Records | CDKEND 395 Derive Pleasure and Sharing, Thanks! VA &#151; Behind Closed Doors: Where Wilderness Meets Essence Vol. 1 (2012): <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a