Lutoslawski: Quartet - Kronos Quartet (1991)

  • 16.08.2016, 14:36,
  • Flac
Witold Lutoslawski (1913-1994) Terms Quartet (1964) The Burnish composer Witold Lutoslawski designed his 1964 terms quartet as a employment that invites paraphrasing and encourages individualized propositions. Says the Los Angeles Times, “Kronos conceives the employment as a never-slackening drill in spirited, unambiguous emotionalism and flamboyant intensity.” Wondering Unbroken: Tensely package and surpremely controlled «From space to space, the Kronos Quartet has released a one-fragment recording, which allows the alliance to take flight to the sylvan tranquility of Skywalker Studios in the hills near San Francisco and plunge itself in one composer’s vivid existence. Wijtold Lutoslawski’s only terms quartet dates from 1964, when the Burnish composer was exploring ways for a originative artist to give up lead over the products of his inspiration and rot it over to the performers. That, it turns out, is not an unceremonious detail to do. Roman musicians are trained to translate instructions, and the clearer and more exact a poop is, the more adequate they are. “Play it your way” is a profound unsuitable to go along with. Accordingly, composers have resorted to various tricks to get players to take over on the whole of the job for a how a fragment sounds. Lutoslawski initially wrote out the four parts of the quartet severally and refused to accord a conclude poop so that the musicians wouldn’t be tempted to plane into synch. Later, he relented and came up with an showy methodology of reminder intended to urge careful depend on musicians into a little point of improvisation. The fruit, paradoxically, is a fragment that sounds tensely package and perfectly controlled, a ill-lit, sepulchral employment buzzing with dissonance and bristling with choreographed expressions of Atomic-Age angst.» --Justin Davidson 1. Initial Moving Parts [8:33] 2. Vital Moving Parts [15:14] G. Schirmer, Inc on behalf of Chester Music Ltd. (ASCAP) KRONOS QUARTET: • David Harrington, violin • John Sherba, violin • Hank Dutt, viola • Joan Jeanrenaud, cello Recorded at Skywalker Ranch, Nicasio, California Produced by Judith Sherman Chief Farmer: Robert Hurwitz Engineers: Judith Sherman, Juhani Liimatainen and Tony Eckert Art way and plan: Manhattan Plan © 1991 Elektra Relief, a border of Warner Communications Inc. Elektra Nonesuch 7559-79255-2 - [23:47]