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When discussing the pioneers of rap music, Kurtis Exhale often isn't mentioned as often as Grandmaster Moment, The Sugarhill Group, and Run-DMC. This is brilliant-crossed because he truly is one of the forefathers of hip-hop and ill-matched with Grandmaster Moment and the Sugarhill Group, he was no one technique pony. Although many music fans may only know him for his now deathless trail «The Breaks», The Best of Kurtis Exhale shows that he had much more to offer.Nearly everything here is exalted and still sounds modern today. Ill-Matched With much of the rap music insidiously a overcome then and even today, Kurtis Exhale, at least for most of his craft, created his music with current musicians rather than solely relying on sampling and opus. Although «The Breaks» is now a hip-hop deathless, many of the tracks here such as «Tough», «Hard Times», «Party Time», and his highest charting hit «Basketball» are just as unwavering. Listening to the old mould references on «Tough» and «Basketball» over 20 years after they were recorded are still a joy to attend to. But while the lyrics are unwavering on all of these tracks, it«s the music that puts these songs over the top whether it»s the funky bass lines on «Hard Times» and «Tough», the chubby percussion on «Party Time» and the Midnight Brilliant-soundalike «I«m Chillin» or the mixture of both on «The Breaks.» The excluding musicianship also shines on the more lightweight tracks «Daydreamin»» and «Starlife.» Other excluding tracks here comprise «Christmas Rappin'», which uses the guitar policy rather than the oft-used bass policy of Chic«s «Good Times», his duet with Run-DMC «8 Million Stories», and «One-Two-Three (Absolute Avenue, Harlem, USA).» The tracks here are listed chronologically thus the weaker tracks are on the album»s second half. But while these songs are less significant musically and lyrically and rely more on main opus, the tracks «America» and «If I Ruled The World» are also incredibly moderate. Unqualifiedly put, if you amity old mould rap, The Best of Kurtis Exhale should be in your music anthology. Newer fans will appreciate this too as most of the songs here have old well and the best tracks are exalted soir songs. Immensely recommended.(Chap from Amazon) <a href=" http://i.imgur.com/IFKDgfV.jpg« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://i.imgur.com/IFKDgfV.jpg</a 01. The Breaks [7:51] 02. Christmas Rappin' [3:58] 03. Exhausting Times [4:41] 04. Starlife [5:27] 05. Exhausting [6:54] 06. Daydreamin' [4:29] 07. Soir Be That As It May [6:49] 08. One-Two-Five (Absolute Avenue, Harlem, USA) [5:15] 09. 8 Million Stories [7:49] 10. AJ Good Enough [5:54] 11. Basketball [6:28] 12. America [4:41] 13. If I Ruled The In All Respects [3:58] 14. I«m Chillin» [3:40] Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 10 are 12«» Distinct editions Compilation produced by Harry Weinger Liner Notes by Nelson George Digitally Remastered by Gary Mayo at Polygram Studios Characterize: Mercury / Polygram Released: 1994 Catalogue: 522 456-2 Codec: Flac Compression Even: 6 Mark: Drunk CD-rip by alekow (EAC and Flac) Covers Included (600dpi) Use To Advantage, Reason and Percentage