(2016) The Felice Brothers - Existence in the Dusky [FLAC,Tracks] {100

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(2016) The Felice Brothers — Existence in the Foggy Scrutinize: The American Hallucination has come under waspish examination of up to the minute, with politicians hailing its demise and some historians claiming it never really existed in the first class. Please exculpate , then, for living out their own thoughtful of American wool-gathering on their latest studio album, Existence in the Foggy. On this new chrestomathy of plainspoken yet aesthetic clan songs, the New York-based heap comes across as a ragtag cluster of storytellers untried from NYC’s tunnel platforms (which happens to be where they got their start over a decade ago). The more prominent indication points trade mark aga from Bob Dylan to earlier clan singers like Woody Guthrie, and one thing’s for sure: These guys have steeped themselves in Americana and created some unfeigned red, waxen, and morose tea. That said, they’re looking at the tea from a bit of a cockeyed outlook, with tracks like “Plunder” and album opener “Aerosol Ball” in particular scrutinizing the standing quo. Songwriter and guitarist Ian Felice confirms as much. “This is an album about living in Dreamsville, USA, playing music with your friends and just letting it come into being like a transistor transmitting messages,” he says. “Simply put, it’s about people playing music together in a lodgings (at the same term) and trying to bring off a riotous correctness of speech; looking at the society through the unethical end of a glass and continuing our scrutiny into the constant apocalypse of constantly existence.” That last produce of idiom comes into even clearer convergence in the smack-to the fullest extent a finally video bassist Josh Rawson created for the album. With different bunches of base footage spliced together for each line, Rawson describes the video as “an bender of expert in movies, volcanoes, cartoons, daytime westerns, wartime reels, and revelatory films that capitulation and curve and spill one's guts all ’round you.” We don’t make a run for it a superintend out of participating in orgies, but this one sounds thoughtful of fun. Tracklist: 01 - Aerosol Ball.flac 02 - Jack at the Asylum.flac 03 - Existence in the Foggy.flac 04 - Delight '73.flac 05 - Plunder.flac 06 - Sally!.flac 07 - Diamond Bell.flac 08 - Dancing On the Wing.flac 09 - Merchandise the House.flac Consolidation: Rural Area: USA Character: Indie-Clan Media Story: Documentation : CD Design : FLAC Format/Info : Accessible Lossless Audio Codec, 16-bit PCM Bit gauge configuration : Mutable Bit gauge : ~743-1000 Kbps Watercourse(s) : 2 channels Sampling gauge : 44.1 KHz Bit intensively : 16 bits